5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bassjackers


Bassjackers are no strangers when it comes to dance music. The Electro House stalwarts have been conquering the charts ever since their first hit “Mush Mush” back in 2011, following a bunch of hit singles and remixes.

You now have the option to catch them at the MTV bloc party as they mark their much awaited return to India this weekend.


To help you out a bit, we have compiled a list of 5 facts which you Guys may not know about the duo. If you did know these facts, we salute your knowledge. :)

1. The Bassjackers duo of Marlon and Ralph met each other in high school..


2. Out of the duo, Marlon is the DJ and Ralph is the producer. While a lot of people think that Bassjackers perform together, only Marlon plays at all shows around the world. Ralph is always making music in his studio.


3. “Mush Mush” by Bassjackers, got picked up by Tiesto’s record label and spent 2 months on top of the Beatport Top 10 chart.

4. The first dance album, Marlon listened to was Ferry Corsten’s mix album.


5. The strangest thing that Bassjackers have ever encountered while playing is when a girl came up to the DJ booth, and she didn’t ask for a track, but she asked for the WiFi password.


Well, if you have liked what we have compiled for you, make sure you book your tickets to the MTV Bloc Party and bring comfortable shoes along. :)