5 big moments from ASOT 900 that we absolutely loved

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Armin van Buuren’s legendary “A State Of Trance” completed 900 episodes earlier this weekend.

In order to celebrate the completion of these episodes, Armin rings in the celebration by taking the radio show to multiple places around the world. Though the places keep changing every time the show completes 50 episodes, the only place that continues to remain constant is The Netherlands, as it is Armin’s home country. This year, he returned back to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht to party in style with some of the biggest trance artists in tow. Featuring 4 very diverse stages and of course the radio dome, the event saw an attendance of over 35,000 fans from across the globe. Each year, the show is marked by some very interesting happenings. From surprise performances, larger than life production, interactive sets, proposals, interviews and even falls, you name it all and it has happened here. This year however saw some very different moments, and one of them literally goes down in history. Yes, you read it right! Read on to know what made it to our top 5 moments this year!

1) Armin Van Buuren’s vinyl warm-up set

What is not to say about this one? Armin usually starts off his ASOT shows with a progressive set and ends the show with a classic vinyl set. This time, however, he took a different route. Playing a spectacular set featuring some of the best in progressive and also a few classic gems like Tuvan, Zocalo, Sail and more, there couldn’t have been a better way to kick off the ASOT celebrations. A wave of nostalgia rushed across the crowd as memories that are associated with these classics flooded them. One can say that the set showcased the fact that no matter how his style may change in terms of music, he will always stick to his roots.

2) Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren premiering their brand new collaboration – Show Me Love

The moment that literally put the whole trance family around the world in a frenzy. Above & Beyond are one of the biggest names in the trance circuit apart from Armin. Despite having supported each other over the years, featuring each other’s tracks in their sets and shows, remixing tracks and even performing at each other’s celebratory events, they had done it all. However, a collaboration between the two is something no one could have ever imagined. On being premiered on the mainstage, it was also announced that the “Show Me Love” would be released on Armind and Anjunabeats.

3) Will Atkinson showing up in a Kilt and slaying the stage

Will Atkinson is one of the quirkiest artists we have in the industry. Apart from churning out banger after banger, Will is also pretty well known for his antics. From basing a track on the lengthy leave a message dial tone to his manager, to the whacky moves, the rubber chickens and so much more, this man is always known for bringing something unexpected to any platform he performs on. However, at the ASOT celebration this year, he took things a notch higher by actually showing up in a traditional Scottish Kilt. He not only managed to have Armin and the crew in splits, but was also quite surprised himself to have been allowed to take the stage in the outfit and play a smasher of a set. Well, we don’t know about the fans being afraid of 138 BPM, but Will Atkinson is definitely someone who isn’t afraid of skirts. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the stage the next time he plays!

4) Giuseppe Ottaviani dropping a stellar live set at the WAO138? Stage

Italian virtuoso Giuseppe Ottaviani is one that every trance fan is familiar with. Having released some revolutionary albums and path-breaking tracks, Giuseppe is a man who has now become synonymous with quality productions. Bringing his 2.0 live show to the WAO138? stage, his set was laced with some brand new reworks, a few originals and gems from GO recordings. The set was well received, and loved by fans not only at the festival but also the ones watching the stream online. Serenaded with rave reviews and appreciation from all around, Giuseppe went on to kill the notion of trance taking a backseat and reinstated the fact that the genre is here to stay.

5) The debut of “Future Code”

The mainstage never failed to leave fans surprised on the night of the celebration. Apart from the debut of the Armin and Above & Beyond collaboration, an erudite set marking the completion of two decades by Cosmic Gate and so much more, the wonders just didn’t cease. The last one definitely was a cherry on the cake. Yes, we are speaking about the brand new Ben Gold and Omnia appellation. Titled “Future Code”, it sees both the trance titans joining forces to produce some fresh music. Hurling out ID after ID, this set went on to prove that the boys are here to push themselves beyond the boundaries of regular vocal and melodic trance and experiment with a style that is absolutely new. Their debut performance as “Future Code” was accepted by trance fans around the world with at most love. We can’t wait to see them fire up a stage super soon under their new alias.

asot 900 highlights

These were a few moments that defined the celebration for us this year. We would like to congratulate Armin van Buuren and Ruben De Ronde for their tremendous success and for having taken the show to these heights. Having acted as a flag bearer for the genre, Armin always pushed the boundaries with ASOT. We can’t see him wait to cross and reach 1000 episodes very soon! Meanwhile, what were your highlights from the show this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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Shivani Murthy

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