7 EDM Documentaries To Watch During Quarantine

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Well Quaranteam, after our Coronavirus Quarantine Playlist to help you calm your nerves and get your spirits pumping, we now have 7 EDM documentaries you can watch during this downtime.

Since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been nothing but delays and cancellations coupled with closures and stay at home directives from governments around the world. From EDM based movies to documentaries here are a few you can check out.

Hardwell – I AM Hardwell

The documentary follows the journey of how Hardwell went from being a youngster in Bread, Netherlands who soon grew to become the #1 DJ in the world. For over two and half years, Hardwell was followed by videographer Robin Piree, who extensively filming the 25-year-old DJ/producer’s exponential growth from being an upcoming artist to becoming an international superstar. The documentary provides a captivating inside-look on Hardwell that is just as rare as the story behind the dance music phenomenon during a period when Hardwell’s international success grew exponentially.

Above & Beyond Acoustic – Giving Up The Day Job

Telling the story of what starts as a passion and then becomes a job, the famous trance trio talk about their journey of turning Above & Beyond tracks into a full-blown acoustic spectacle. As each of them had also been live musicians, they came together with Jono and Paavo on the piano and Tony on guitars. The concert documentary covers the Acoustic set at the spectacular Hollywood Bowl and everything that entailed as they follow the group’s unlikely journey from the DJ booth to the Hollywood Bowl.

Zedd – True Colors

Zedd released his sophomore album, True Colors and it was followed by the Documentary with the same name which tracked the processes behind the music.

In addition to thumping live show footages, the documentary also goes on to the more personal side of Zedd with interviews with members of Zedd’s family his brother and his father, as well as renowned executives like Jimmy Iovine.

Under The Electric Sky

Based on Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, and its perfectionist founder Pasquale Rotella, the documentary digs into all it takes into putting up a mammoth festival of this size. The documentary further digs into an integral part the ‘Headliners’ and EDC fans play, as well as artists like Tiesto and more who give deeper insight into what it means to perform at this massive festival staple.

Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind

Tracking the rise and then the fall that followed, of one of the most famous trios probably ever in EDM, Leave The World Behind tracks the tensions involved and gives an inside look at the real reason behind the decision for Swedish House Mafia to split. Following the trio across their global One Last Tour, the movie explains when, why and how the trio decided it was the right time for them to split and go their own ways with their individual careers.

Carl Cox and Martin Garrix – What We Started

Featuring a powerful cast of electronic dance music superstars, lead for this documentary by Carl Cox and Martin Garrix, the aim is to explore the past, present, and future of electronic dance music. The critically acclaimed documentary includes an exclusive look into a widely misunderstood and well-insulated industry on its way to global domination. Tracking the boom in the EDM industry from 2010-2014 when it grew exponentially, to taking it back in the day with the legend Carl Cox, What We Started discusses every aspect of the industry.

Avicii – True Stories

Topping our list has to be Avicii’s True Stories. This became all the more related after his passing in April 2018. Giving fans a true look into the struggles he endured with his health issues as well as mental health during his meteoric rise to stardom. Looking back at certain parts like when Avicii’s then-manager Ash Pournouri says that he is going to work Tim so hard that ‘he’ll drop dead’ now seems haunting and melancholic.

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