Beonix Music Festival Location 2023: Limassol Local Traditions & Culture

beonix music festival 2023

Limassol will become a new location for one of the highly liked events of the last year – the Beonix music festival.

In September 2023, fans of techno and other styles of electronic music will gather in one place to hear celebrated DJs and dance several days in a row at one of Limassol’s ancient and most beautiful places.

This city and the surrounding region are famous for its rich history, wonderful food, coffee shops, and friendly people. What is unique about this place? Let’s explore it bit by bit and learn why Limassol is called a carnival capital.

A Bit of Limassol History

beonix music festival 2023

Limassol has a history full of many tragic and astounding events. The dates of its foundation are unknown. However, locals found the burials dated to at least 2000 B.C. The city survived centuries of invasion and conquest. It was burned by the invaders and ruined by the earthquake. But was rebuilt again and again by its inhabitants.


Limassol is located between two ancient cities, Kourion and Amathus. It is the country’s second-largest city and one of its major financial and cultural centers. The city’s port is one of the busiest on the island. Cypriots handle many port cargos and send cruise liners from here.

The city is also famous for its many cafes, restaurants. The “Kafenions” is a major gathering place. They are a local variation of cafes with traditional Greek coffee on offer, where citizens prefer to spend time playing games and chatting with friends.

Main Sights

Tourists will be impressed by visiting a real castle. It is located in the city’s historic center on Richard & Berengaria Street. It is, for sure, one of the main landmarks that happen to stay in relatively fine condition.

Limassol also has other memorable locations that are worth visiting. The best of them are Promenade Sculpture Park, Graffiti Street, Botanical Garden, Marina, Carob Mill, and Old Fortress.

Carnival Capital

beonix music festival 2023

Limassol is considered an unofficial Cyprus festival capital. Due to its propitious and convenient location, exceptional nature, and pleasant climate, it is an ideal land for celebrations and gatherings of various kinds, such as BEONIX Fest. Cypriots have a line of festivals and carnivals throughout the year that became their traditional events. There goes no month without an event. Let’s see the top of them closer.

Each year since 1961, Limassol has hosted a wine festival. The celebrations start in the Fall in the second part of September and last 10 days. Besides the wine tasting, the festival offers various workshops and lectures about wine. The event is also accompanied by theatrical shows and musical performances.

Another exciting celebration is the Limassol Beer Festival. It is held in mid-July when it is burning hot, and a mug of cold beer is almost a necessity. Various celebrities usually fly to the city to perform at the event. If you think that wine is the country’s national treasure, you are right. But locals also became skillful in beer production throughout the centuries. That is why they have a special celebration dedicated to the industry.

Another colorful occasion is the Street Life Festival. It is celebrated in March in the form of a carnival of bright colors, happy people, and delicious cuisine popped up on one of the main streets – Saripolou. It is full of art objects and installations created by skillful locals.

Customs & Traditions

beonix music festival 2023

This ancient land has carried its unique traditions from Byzantine to modern times. The majority of the population of southern Cyprus is Orthodox Christian, which partially explains the locals’ customs and routine life.

Another factor that influenced the local inhabitants’ culture and traditions is its history. Music, food, and legends encompassing the region are all part of its rich culture. Cypriots like to keep a life-work balance. They work hard but never forget to relax even harder.


Cypriots like celebrations and are majorly happy and easy-going people who like to help others. Their traditional instrument is called Bazooki. It is a distant cousin of the lute that connects Greeks from the mainland with Cypriots. Musicians play their traditional Rembetika music on it.


The food here is also a part of everyday life and traditions. Many of the meals were born out of religious purposes and significance. Limassol cuisine can be found in local bars and restaurants. It contains everything people in Europe love and enjoy. The meals have enough spices and herbs, oils, and, of course, fresh ripe vegetables.

One of Limassol’s famous vineyards produces local wine under the name Commandaria. Visitors can taste it in any restaurant. Once you try the food and drinks here, you will understand why Cypriots truly adore it. Besides, many of the locals enjoy cooking and carry a special attitude to the meals they prepare.

9th Planet Coordinates

Cyprus is an exclusive location, a small island lost in the Mediterranean Sea that welcomes its visitors and allows them to feel a rare atmosphere of positivity and relaxation, communicate with ancient places and meet one of the happiest people. Cypriots are living in the atmosphere of the constant holiday and enjoy every moment.

There will be more to celebrate the following Fall in September because the Beonix electronic music festival will be reopened for the second time. Fans of Maceo Plex, Jan Blomqvist, Black Coffee, and other music creators will have a wonderful opportunity to meet on the sunny coast of Limassol city to get acquainted with Cyprus once again in the atmosphere of love, friendship, and adventure.

beonix music festival 2023

beonix music festival 2023


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