Blake Strange Unveils New Album, ‘Alter Ego’

blake strange alter ego

Blake Strange is a talented DJ and producer from Australia who has a broad taste in electronic music, but he focuses mainly on dark techno with lots of atmosphere.

A relatively new producer who made his first official release in 2020, Blake Strange is already putting out a debut album, which is an accomplished collection of tracks. Featuring a total of nine tracks, it has seven originals plus two remixes.

Three of the five original tracks are collaborations with others including Jakob, Rad.Lez and BOHO. BOHO runs the Jannowitz record label that is releasing Blake Strange’s album, Rad.Lez is a melodic artist known for working with labels like Magician On Duty, and Jakob is a new talent also from Australia.

This is the third time that Blake Strange has featured on Jannowitz as he has already dropped an EP plus featured on one of the record label’s mixed artist compilations. Other labels to have featured his music range from Stil Vor Talent to Music4Aliens.

The two remixes on the release come from Mr. Bizz, who are a duo of Italian artists who provide a remix in the melodic style they have featured on Katermukke and Yoshitoshi. Mala Ika provides the second remix in the indie dance style she has featured on Watergate Records.

With the exception of the two remixes which are a little deeper and more melodic, the original tracks have driving percussion and intense basslines that form a foundation for dystopian synths and eerie atmospherics. Tracks like “Nightcrawler” and “Obey” have vocals that add an extra layer of intensity.

All of the tracks are well suited to a dance floor and although peak time techno is the core of the albums style, it also touches on tech house, indie dance and melodic techno.

You can pick up a copy from HERE.


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