7 Best Jazz Musicians To Add To Your Playlist This Fall

best jazz musicians

Do you want to listen to jazz music to make autumn more bright? We have collected seven of the best jazz artists and talked about platforms where their music is available.

7 Best Jazz Musicians That Will Make Your Autumn Bright

Jazz appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in the southern states of the United States and is still relevant to this day. Jazz music is the rhythm and mood in which the musician tries to put everything he can.

A few minutes of a colorful composition is a storm of good emotions, a constant change of rhythm and style. This is why many people choose to listen to jazz. A thought occurred to you: “What should I listen to for jazz?” This article will tell you about the best jazz musicians who have won the hearts of all generations.

TOP Platforms To Listen To Jazz Music

Here are three platforms where you can listen to jazz music:

1. AccuRadio. This is an online platform where 975 music channels are available to users. The jazz category has many channels divided into genres: Gypsy, Latin, European, etc. Thanks to the rating, you can listen to the best jazz composers.

2. Jazz Radio. It is a pure jazz platform with 35 channels of different genres. Each channel is served by a manager, who selects music for all age groups. Here you can find both popular and classic performers. A feature of the platform is the sleep timer. By enabling this function, you can fall asleep to the music.

3. Smooth Jazz. It is a mobile application that aims to provide users with a good music experience. Here you can find popular jazz videos, top performer lists, news in the jazz world, and music by category.

What if the websites don’t work on the device? One of the main problems is geo-blocking. Therefore, we recommend using VeePN. You do not need to download the program because you can add VeePN VPN extension to Chrome, saving device memory. With the help of a VPN, you can not only unblock platforms but also keep the anonymity and protect your device from harmful ads.

Jazz Artists You Should Listen To

Jazz laid the foundation for an entire industry, revealing to the world numerous names of genius vocalists and spawning a wide range of genres. Are you wondering: “Who are popular jazz singers today?” Here are seven famous jazz musicians that are timeless.

Louis Armstrong

Who is the best jazz musician? Louis Armstrong is not only the best, most popular but also the most influential musician in jazz history. Louis Armstrong attracted people of all generations to jazz music under the nickname “Satchmo” or “Pops” and inspired many musicians to follow this direction.

The musician’s unusual appearance, gravelly voice, and iconic trumpet set him apart from other performers. It was Armstrong who pioneered the emphasis on one soloist rather than collective improvisation. Louis Armstrong left us 55 gorgeous musical recordings, among which “Hello Dolly,” “In Stuttgart,” “Jazz Festival” is famous.

Duke Ellington

If Duke Ellington had not been in jazz music of the 20th century, its fate could have been entirely different. His strong-willed character and unbreakable belief in his exceptionalism were so strong that they elevated Ellington to the very pinnacle of jazz.

Ellington’s extraordinary charisma and subtle sense of style have done their job – there is no more revered jazz musician. To that, he strove for all his life – to become a celebrity who is worshiped by the whole world. His band, “The Duke Ellington Orchestra,” is as important as the “Count Basie” in the swing era big bands. Today you can listen to 3000 songs from Duke Ellington.

Miles Davis

The history of hard bop and cool jazz is inextricably linked with the name of the great trumpet player Miles Davis. Every time a musician picked up a musical instrument, he turned his performances into a unique harmony of sounds.

Preferring to play in the middle register, Davis filled his music with both lyrical melodies and rhythmic passages. A skillfully played melodic line keeps you in suspense to the last note and makes you anticipate the sound of the final chords. There is depth in his music, unspoken pain that makes him uncomfortable and makes his melodies melancholic. If you are interested in the story of Miles Davis, you can listen to over 100 songs.

John Coltrane

John Coltrane has made an extraordinary contribution to the jazz we listen to today. John Coltrane’s music is the most recognizable among other artists. Thanks to this musician, the concept of Coltrane Changes is available to the world.

The melody “Giant Steps” is the main recording that helped him find his style. The author himself believes that the masterpiece of his career is “A Love Supreme.” Many contemporary jazz musicians are still copying John Coltrane’s playing style to gain the same popularity.

The musician is one of the 100 greatest African Americans, according to the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. John Coltrane is a jazz diamond that has left us with dozens of music albums.

Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman is the leader of the free jazz movement. The musician did not have the money for a good saxophone, but this did not stop him from playing the plastic saxophone and creating a powerful, unique sound.

His record “The Shape of Jazz to Come” became a cult classic in the world of jazz. Coleman’s work divided the jazz world into two camps – those who saw him as the messiah and those who saw him as a charlatan. Coleman’s temperamental and free improvisations were individual and filled with tremendous energy. Instrumental skills conquered any audience. After himself, the author left hundreds of jazz tunes that people collect today.

Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie was a great experimenter – his unique playing style on the trumpet confirms this. His breathing technique also attracted attention, as a result of which, when playing, his cheeks acquired an impressive volume, and the sound became rich and powerful. It was he who was one of the founders of a new direction in jazz – bebop. Over 200 of his recordings are available for listening.

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk compositions and individual improvisation solos have various dissonance and non-standard broken melodic lines that made his performance recognizable. His playing style was so different from everything that musicians were accustomed to. At first, this style sounded somewhat strange, absolutely not fitting into the general canons. If you want to get to know Thelonious Monk better, listen to his Top 100 Jazz Recordings.


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