VEIL Shatters Reality With Her Filthy Deep Dubstep Two-Tracker ‘MENTALICS’

veil mentalics

Denver-based producer VEIL (formerly known as spacegeishA) has been setting the bass scene ablaze with her mind-expanding soundscapes spanning dubstep, drum & bass, halftime, and leftfield bass.

Making her return to Bassrush comes the filthy deep dubstep two-tracker ‘MENTALICS.’ The release serves as a follow-up to her label debut “Activate,” which arrived on the ‘Prophecy Vol 8’ compilation.

Leading off the release with a bang is the deadly title track. Living up to its name, “MENTALICS” is a brain-bending descent into the darkest realms of deep dubstep. The track welcomes listeners into its orbit with an immense gravitational pull caused by its ominous embellishments, pulsing sub frequencies, and alien appeal. The drops unveil the track’s true power with ghastly percussion, head-spinning vocal loops, sloshing layers, and a labyrinth of deep low-end oscillations. The body-rattling bass and hypnotic chants will seize control of the mind and open a pathway into another dimension. Masterfully crafted, effortlessly engrossing, and utterly sinister, “MENTALICS” is a transcendent weapon of uncharted magnitude.

Proceeding along the thematic thread is the project’s B-side “UNKNOW.” The experimental cut embarks on an uneasy journey through distant galaxies. Kick drums simulate a racing heart beating through the chest while ominous undertones enhance the uncertain edge. Chunky drums drift over gritty sounds, cavernous low-end, and a murky, pitched-black sonic tapestry. Distant voices drift in and out like radio signals from an unreachable time and space. The latter half drives the piece deeper into the abyss with blistering basslines, deranged drums, and a mind-melting lead. “UNKNOW” bends reality and bass for an exceptional hallucinatory listening experience.

Breaking down the sonic saga, the world-building producer VEIL shares the narrative of her new release: “AZAL can now see beyond the limits of our unreality, by accessing the liminal world of [THE HOLLOW]. It requires enduring Crimmson.cipher protocol to unlock including a data protocol, neural interface calibration, and a sensory enhancement module. With sharper visuals and heightened senses, she can now access the powers of a METALLIC.”

Hailing from Denver, VEIL is an exceptionally talented producer and the Street Ritual record label boss. Formerly known as spacegeishA, the creator has become renowned for her unique approach to dubstep, drum & bass, halftime, and leftfield bass. She has worked with a wide range of artists including Mythm, Dela Moon, Notlo, Brainrack, and Yoko, while gaining press support from EDM Identity, Canadian Ravers, and Find Your Sounds. She is set to headline Petit Bain (Paris) and will be supporting Boogie T at Webster Hall (NYC).

Deep, dark, immersive, and destructive, ‘MENTALICS’ is a mind-warping two-track adventure through the darkest edges of the cosmos.

VEIL’s new ‘MENTALICS’ double single is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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