Denver-Based Talent Noetika Shares Enthralling 4-Track EP, “Mind Control”

noetika mind control

Subcarbon Records is thrilled to announce the release of “Mind Control”, a transformative EP from Chicago-born, Denver-based bass music phenom, Noetika.

Serving as his debut release on Ganja White Night’s prolific imprint, Noetika is poised to redefine auditory boundaries with the 4-track collection, making an indelible impact on the bass music landscape. Each production on the EP takes listeners through Noetika’s enigmatic universe – an intricate tapestry where cognitive journeys meld into aural bliss. “Mind Control” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Subcarbon Records.

The EP embarks on its auditory expedition with “Boomerang,” characterized by a mesmerizing, pulsating bassline which vanishes only to return with an electrified vengeance. Noetika masterfully blends warbling synths and echoing glitch-like elements, crafting a soundscape that stimulates the relentless motion of its namesake. The voyage progresses with “Real Badmon,” radiating an ethereal aura, punctuated by sharp, glitchy stabs that slice through the dense fog-like ambiance. Featuring a hauntingly mesmerizing soundscape, the track lures listeners deeper into its enigmatic depths, challenging them to surrender to its immersive pull.

“These songs were so much fun to make! I am a huge fan of dubstep, funk, and hip-hop and I feel like I was able to find a good balance between all of those influences with this EP. Also, the cover art for this one is so sick and it gives a cool glimpse into the Noetika Universe!” – NOETIKA

“Front2Back” follows, offering a robust, thumping bassline, perfectly paired alongside swirling synths that ebb and flow like ocean tides. The production’s dynamic oscillations encapsulate a sonic odyssey that is as disorienting as it is enthralling, highlighting Noetika’s flair for merging diverse elements into a unified auditory narrative. The EP concludes with “Infamous”, where warbling soundscapes are crafted with a meticulous focus on texture. With its undulating bass and command vocal cut, Noetika crafts an atmosphere that is both expansive and intensely intimate.

Noetika’s “Mind Control” captures the essence of his diverse influences – from dubstep to funk and hip-hop – and showcases a significant evolution in his artistry, demonstrating his capability to craft complex,multi- layered compositions. Garnering support from industry titans including GRiZ and Zeds Dead, to name a few, Noetika’s latest offering stands as a powerful testament to his growing prominence in the bass music realm. With “Mind Control”, Noetika invites listeners to delve into unexplored sonic and psychological realms, promising to leave an unforgettable impact on the electronic music landscape.


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