Best Royalty Free Music Collection

best royalty free music collection

As a thriving community of avid electronic music lovers, we know that music can be applied in diverse kind of ways.

With the perfect piece of music, your video, soundtrack, advertisement, or sound effects can have more appeal to your target audience. Downplay the importance of having a top-notch paid or free royalty music collection, and your production may be ineffective.

But how do you come up with a perfect free music collection to create a perfect masterpiece for yourself? Here are some tips on getting that done:

1. Purpose

To create the best free music collection on your device, you should be wary of its role in what you do. For example, if you require music to make videos, then its role is to complement what’s on the screen. They should do this in a way that creates a connection in the mind of your audience. Whenever you’re selecting music for your collection, ask yourself that; what’s the purpose of this music in my creation? The best free royalty music collection is one that helps to convey your message to your audience.

2. Pacing, Tempo, and Mood

When editing a video, music, or anything at that—except pictures of course. I’m aware that a lot of individuals use music as a base and crutch for their visual edits without taking the storyline of their visuals into account. Quite often, such visuals usually come out wrong as they don’t connect with the audience.

Before making efforts to download royalty-free music, first determine its tempo, pacing, and the mood you want for the video—any soundtrack included should blend with these. A benefit of having knowledge of these things beforehand is that it helps to narrow down your search area.

3. Choose a great platform

Statistics show that digital music accounts for over half of the revenue generated in the music industry; this shows that numerous people have an interest in the content on these platforms. But only a few are responsible for that number as great platforms are scarce. You need a great platform that offers the best royalty-free music and SFX that you can use on any platform. To find a great platform, you should also watch out for the following:

Search Function

Finding the right music on a platform without the search function can be infuriating. Your user experience of the site will be greatly improved with this feature.


You don’t have to spend much to access a website with a top-notch music collection. In fact, you can access some for free.


When users search on a platform, it’s because they have a particular objective in mind. Websites that don’t accurately tag their music makes the search engine less accurate and reduces your user experience immensely. It’s also a sign that a lot of things are wrong on the platform, and such sites can’t be trusted.

Playback Features

Want a great platform, look for one with a playback feature that is ingrained in the user interface of the website. This way, you can sample a track before downloading it on your hard drive.

Content Quality

This is probably the most important feature you should watch out for on a platform. The content quality on the website can make or mar your creation.

In Summary

Having a great platform with the best free royalty music collection is any creator’s paradise. However, you should have a detailed knowledge of how to soundtrack your video effectively, and how to identify the right platform.


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