Everything You Need To Know About Springsteen And E Street Band At Wembley Stadium

bruce springsteen and e street band 2024 tour

The 2024 leg of “Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” will resume on the 19th of March.

Until then, the touring team is preparing to give their fans the best of their performance yet, after it was cut short last year by cases of the pandemic.

The call to stop touring in 2023 and postpone every concert to 2024 was a tough one to make, but we’re glad that everything is back to normal, and we’re now counting down to the first show of Springsteen and E Street Band scheduled to be on the 19th of March at Footprint Center, Phoenix – US.

The E Street Band Members and Bruce Springsteen will conclude the remaining US dates on their schedule list and then come to Europe, where they will spend May, June, and July touring the European countries and entertaining their fans.

England is one of such countries that will host the “Springsteen and E Street Band” tour when it comes to Europe. The London show in particular will be on the 25th and 27th of July. The concert will be held in London, Wembley Stadium, and this article is aimed at telling you everything you need to know about the touring team and Wembley Stadium to better equip you with the right information before then.

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“Springsteen and E Street Band” 2024 tour concert will happen in London on the 25th and 27th of July. This means that the touring team will spend just 2 days in London – Wembley stadium, before leaving Europe.
London will be the last city Bruce and his touring team will visit in Europe. The team will move to North America immediately after their 2-night shows.

What You Can Bring To The Concert

There is a long list of things you can bring to the “Springsteen and E Street Band” tour. Some of these are even advised by professionals for you to fully enjoy the tour. These are;

Small Bags

Yes, you can bring along a bag. But, it has to be a small one. Anything bigger than A4 size will not be accepted into Wembley Stadium, so do yourself the favor of bringing only a small bag.


Yes, you can also bring along a Camera. But, it has to be a small one as cameras with big lenses are not accepted on the concert grounds. This will be against the tour policies, so make sure to adhere so as not to lose your rights to the concert.
A small digital camera is capable of serving all your needs. You can capture all the memories you need at the concert with a small camera, even with your phone.


Bringing along a binocular is especially advised by professionals for you to enjoy the tour fully. A Binocular allows you to capture every aspect of the tour regardless of the place you are sitting. Just make sure your binoculars can fit in an A4 size bag, else you’ll have to carry it in your hands.


For one reason or the other, you might want to bring a sign to the concert. This is allowed, as long as your sign does not need the support of any type of hardware like wood or poles. Also, make sure your sign does not obstruct the view of another concert attendee as this will be considered rude and you might be escorted out of the concert if you’re caught lacking.

Additionally, your signs must not go off-key with the basis of the tour. In essence, this means you cannot endorse politics with your signs amid the concert, you cannot promote anything not related to the tour in any way, or else you will lose access to the concert when caught.

What You Can’t Bring To The Concert

To keep the concert safe for everyone, while making it easily accessible, there are a lot of things you aren’t allowed to bring to the “Springsteen and E Street Band” tour at Wembley Stadium. Some of these are;

Big Bags

As mentioned earlier, bags bigger than A4 size will not be allowed into Wembley Stadium. Extensively, bags that aren’t transparent will also not be allowed into the concert grounds.

If you carry along a light and small bag, you will be cleared early and have access to the stadium on time. If not, then you stand the chance of losing access or dumping your bag, if it’s not confiscated by the securities.


Sadly, you cannot bring along an umbrella to “Springsteen and E Street Band Concerts.” An umbrella might obstruct the views of other concert attendees.

If you fear rain, then you can bring along a thick jacket. As long as it remains on you, you’re good to go.


Yes, alcoholic drinks are not allowed from outside the venue. Whatever you need is inside the stadium. All you need to have access to whatever you need is some cash, and don’t forget to carry along your ID.

Drugs are also banned in “Springsteen and E Street Band” concerts. Chances are, if you turn up knocked out or high, you will be denied entrance into the venue.


A lot of things fall under this category. For instance; selfie sticks, flag poles, professional cameras, and even fireworks. It’ll surprise you the length at which people can go to use some of these things to cause chaos in the concert.

To not lose your rights to the concert on the 25th and 27th of July, make sure not to bring any of the things listed here.


Wembley Stadium is easily accessible to everyone, including people needing special care and attention. This means everyone in London can enjoy the “Springsteen and E Street Band Concert” at Wembley Stadium.

For instance, when you take a look at “WEMBLEY STADIUM SERVICE INFORMATION FOR GUESTS WITH ACCESS REQUIREMENTS” on Google, you’ll see all the information on how to access the stadium if you need special access.

Speaking of convenience, there are 147 toilets scattered within Wembley Stadium. So, don’t worry. You are covered.

What You Can Eat At The Concert

Wembley Stadium will be occupied by professionals whose duties are to satisfy your cravings. This means that you can eat whatever you want while on the concert ground, so you don’t need to carry the extra load of food from outside.

Besides, food from outside the stadium is not allowed.

The Best Time To Be At The Concert

“Springsteen and E Street Band” concerts begin at 7:30 PM. Doors to the stadium open by 6:30 pm. This means that the security team has 1 hour to check everyone and allow them access to the stadium. But we all know it wouldn’t be possible to thoroughly check thousands of people in 1 hour.

So, we advise you to be at the venue earlier than 6:30 PM to be at the front of the line when the checking starts. Enjoy the Concert.


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