French Coldplay Fans Rush Tickets As Music Of The Spheres World Concert Draws Near

coldplay music of the spheres

The British band, Coldplay will be coming to Décines-Charpieu – Lyon on the 22nd of June, for a 3-day show which will end on the 25th of June, 2024.

Certainly, the citizens of Lyon will be extremely busy especially in June, as Coldplay prepares to take their “Music of the Spheres World Tour to France in the same month, and they won’t be the only musical act to bring their concert to Lyon as Taylor Swift, the “Eras Tourist” is set to have her concert on the 2nd and 3rd of June as well.

The rest of the world must be jealous of Lyon at the moment, as they get to be entertained by 2 of the most celebrated musical acts currently in the whole world. Luckily, the gap between the two tours will allow the people in Lyon to prepare for each tour and enjoy them to the fullest.

Coldplay fans in Lyon are not taking likely the opportunity to see Coldplay perform the “Music of the Spheres” album live. Already, the French entertainment authorities reported a massive ticket sale than recorded before in history, confirming that Coldplay has broken their attendance record again.

This goes on to show the level at which the Coldplay fans in Lyon have anticipated the “Music of the Spheres World Tour.” The traffic generated instantly at the Ticketmaster site was a clear sign that the French were going to host one of the biggest concerts in the world.
More than 200k tickets were made available in the morning the ticket presales began, but they sold out in a few hours. The result was that a lot of Coldplay fans ended up not securing tickets to the Lyon shows. This made us go on the search for an alternative ticket marketplace where Coldplay tickets are available. We found one, and are confident that getting Coldplay Lyon tickets will not be an issue for you.

Has Coldplay Been to France Before?

Yes, Coldplay has visited France a couple of times since the start of their career. Aside from the US, Coldplay enjoys touring the Countries in Europe. This includes France. We went back and looked into Coldplay’s registry and we discovered that the British Band has been inseparable from Europe for a long time now.

For instance, take their previous tour, “A Head Full of Dreams Tour,” which started in 2016 and ended in 2017. Coldplay visited France three times, and all those visits were done in different months, with 1 in a different year.

This means that Coldplay had to travel to France, out of France, and back again. But why wouldn’t they? The Coldplayers there seem to be a very determined fanbase as they have contributed to placing Coldplay songs on the top of the charts.

When the “Music of the Spheres” album dropped in October 2021, it immediately climbed up the charts and remained in the No.1 spot for a whole week. The same album rounded the year at No.42 in French Albums (SNEP).

When you have a dedicated fan base such as this, you’ll walk the extra mile just to make sure they enjoy the unwavering support they show you. Coldplay seems to understand this, and that is why they still scheduled 2 visits for their fans in France with more dates this tour than their previous tour.

How Have The Coldplayers In France Reacted Towards Music Of The Spheres World Tour?

The Coldplayers in France have reacted in a way that we feel “Exuberating” is the right term to define. Just like the stats in France, Coldplay has been recognized for breaking so many records in France amidst their “Music of the Spheres World Tour.” This is only possible if the fans there are excited to have them.

The internet is now a record keeper where we easily access information on certain topics like the “Music of the Spheres World Tour.” Going through YouTube, for instance, we see numerous posts from Coldplay’s previous tour, “A Head Full Of Dreams Tour” in France, Lyon.

One of the posts captured the moment when Coldplay shook Lyon with “Viva La Vida” and “Adventure of a Lifetime” performances. The comments under the YouTube video made us understand why Coldplay had to allocate more dates to their fans in Lyon.

They saw that their fans were in demand of their magical art, and they decided to deliver. And the Coldplayers in Lyon couldn’t be more supportive than purchasing Coldplay “Music of the Spheres Tour” tickets within a few hours of its availability, forcing Ticketmaster to make provision for more.

5 Career Records By Coldplay in France

Coldplay has been on a record-breaking spree ever since they started the “Music of the Spheres World Tour” in 2022. 5 of these records come from France. Another factor that shows the dedication of their fans there, and also an attestation to the quality of music they make.

The Musical Act With the Fastest Tickets Sales In France

Coldplay has been recognized as the first musical act to organize the fastest ticket sales in France after they sold more than 200k tickets in the morning. This height is attributed to the dedication of their fans in France.

But extensively, the fans there wouldn’t be interested in attending their shows to the point of rushing their tickets in hours of availability if the music they make wasn’t worth the attention. So, if there’s anyone out there who’s interested in making music, remember, quality always, and the rest will be put in place by your art lovers.

First Musical Act to Sell More Tickets on a Single Tour in France

Coldplay has also been recognized as the first act to sell the most tickets for a tour in France, after selling more than 300k tickets. We feel this recognition is also attributed to the dedication of their fans, thanks to the quality of music they make.

First Musical Act to Perform 4 Shows on a Single Tour in France

Coldplay has a way of appreciating their fans. For some time now, the British band has shown that they do music not just for the money, but to entertain those who love their art. Since the Coldplayers in France showed Coldplay their support when the “Music of the Spheres” album dropped by making it chart amidst other competitions, we see no reason why Coldplay won’t schedule more shows for them.
This act has also earned them another recognition, which is being the first musical act to perform 4 shows on a single tour in France.

First Musical Act to Have the Biggest Attendance of All Time

More than 300k people attended Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres World Tour” concert in France back in 2022 when they visited Saint-Denis in July, where they spent 4 days. There’s a gut feeling telling us Coldplay might break this record when they come to Lyon in June this year.

First International Musical Act to Perform the Most Shows in France

Going with the record of 8 shows according to archives, Coldplay has also been recognized as the first international musical act to perform the most shows in France. This is a summation of all the dates Coldplay allocated to France in their “Music of the Spheres World Tour.”


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