Emjulate Shares His Genre Bending Playlist

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VALE returns with a brand new EP from genre-bending emjulate, a producer who’s spent his career pouring over the spanse of electronic music.

His ‘Pestilence’ EP is his most recent work and it jumps between BPMs and a soundscape he’s spent his career mastering. Launching on the North American-based label VALE, he follows in the steps of artists like late sleeper, pushing boundaries in a similar way to what he has under his other bass music alias FLO.

To celebrate its release, we asked emjulate to breakdown the tracks he’s been spinning in his Spotify playlist recently that have helped inspire his music writing.

Take a look at the list below, and grab a copy of his recent release here.

Telemetrik & Hyx – The Bane (2008)

‘My Lightyear’ was the first electronic album that I bought on CD. This entire record made me fall in love with D&B and I wanted to find more artists in the same style. The synths in the intro and breakdown section remind me of the Resident Evil Movie OST by Marco Beltrami and Marilyn Manson which is also a fantastic track!

Kryptic Minds – Stepping Stone [2009]

Hard to believe this is 13 years old now. The track was released on ‘One of Us’ LP in 2009…

In my opinion, this was the best Dubstep albums for its time and I love the middle-eastern phrases throughout the track.

Noisia – Shellshock (ft. Foreign Beggars) (2010)

I just finished school and I remember seeing the music video for this song. The combination of massive Reese basses, amen breaks, vocals, and the super cool music video made me realize how diverse DNB can be compared to everything else I was seeing at the time.

Audio & Mob Tactics – Exit Wound (2011)

Simple and effective club roller. It’s been more than 10 years and I still like to play this one out whenever there’s an occasion!

DNB/Techstep in its purest form right here.

Billain – Batbots (2012)

Seeing the ‘making of Batbots & Manifold’ video on Youtube, really inspired me to learn more about music production so I have to put this here.
I always felt like the bassline was trying to speak and I had no idea what the approach was back in the day.

Place 2B & Paimon – Heat (Mefjus Remix) (2013)

When I discovered Mefjus I fell in love with his unique approach to DNB. I was seeing the name around but never listened to anything until ‘The Dark Defender’ LP by Place2b & Paimon which featured this techy remix.

Sorrow – Patchwerk (2014)

The amount of detail and progression in this track is insane. The style and influence on this track is the true meaning of dubstep/dub reggae for me.

Kahn – Over Deh So (2015)

Kahn is the MVP combining dub and grime into something new and unique. Simple sound design but great progression and when the synths hit at 3:15; it always brings me back to the early 2000s. Good luck getting this on vinyl for a normal price, hehe!

The last two picks are gonna be picks from 2020 and 2021

VCTRE – Try To Feel (2020)

The entire track feels like it has a saturator on the master channel and I find that really cool. I have probably listened to this over a thousand times since it came out in 2020. The perfect combo of Hip Hop and Bass music for any occasion.

Bucky – Blackmarket (2021)

One of my all-time favorites is taken from Bucky’s LP from last year.

The groove and second part of the track never get old and in my opinion, this is what Future Garage is all about.


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