Top European Crypto And NFT Events To Attend In 2022

european crypto and nft events to attend in 2022

New developments occur in the crypto, metaverse, blockchain, and related industries.

For example, one of the recent developments that are gaining traction is bitcoin lending. As a result, many people who are new to the industry are constantly searching platforms for instant BTC loans for the best deals.

Apart from crypto lending, many other developments may interest you. But unfortunately, industry leaders have realized that it is almost impossible for ordinary users to keep abreast of such developments.

This is why they organize various events. If you are a user of any of these technologies and you reside in Europe, read on to find out about the major upcoming conferences.

What are NFT and Crypto Events?

It is reported that governments and other stakeholders across Europe and North America are increasingly recognizing the growing importance of the digital assets industry. This finding underscores how technology, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain, metaverse, and NFTs, is important in the current age.

Leading authorities in the industry are organizing in-person engagements with enthusiasts across the world. These meetings or conferences comprise NFT and crypto events as we know them. Different stakeholders organize specific events in the locations of your choice. It is up to any real enthusiast of these technologies to track upcoming events in their locale.

Should you attend NFT and Crypto Events?

Yes, you should attend NFT and crypto events. There are many reasons for this verdict. The first one relates to the need to know and interact with industry leaders on a one-on-one basis. However, it is important to note that some virtual events are not one-on-one meetings.

Nevertheless, attending such events allows you to network with industry leaders. This is important for anyone who is either a professional in the industry or an enthusiast.

The second importance of attending NFT and crypto events relates to keeping abreast of developments in the industry. As we have stated in this article, it is almost impossible to research and understand all the developments in the industry. However, such events allow you to learn about the emerging trends in the industry.

How to select the best NFT and Crypto Events

Music lovers are obsessed with how to choose the best for music, either listening or professional projects. This is the case with crypto enthusiasts. Selecting the best NFT and crypto events that suit you should be a breeze. The first consideration should be your geographical location. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world who are active users of digital assets and related technologies.

All users, enthusiasts, and experts usually organize conferences and related events in their locales. So, by searching for events in your geographical region, you can find results that show you events that are not only near your place but are organized by local individuals.

Top European Crypto and NFT Events

The sheer number of NFT and crypto events lined up for 2022 across different European countries will leave you spoilt for choice. Here are some of the top ones that you should consider attending.

The Bitcoin 2022 Event

This event will be held in Miami, FL, between the 6th and 9th of April. However, this is an important event for every enthusiast of digital assets, particularly bitcoin. This is the case because the value of this crypto has been falling in the recent past. Therefore, it may be a good decision to attend this event and gain important insights from industry experts.

european crypto and nft events to attend in 2022

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is one of the world’s greatest NFT and crypto events, thanks to the attendance numbers. The next event will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from the 27th to the 28th of July, 2022. This event is unique because it attracts participants from the entire Eurasia region.

NFT Show Europe

The NFT Show Europe will, is a great event that is one of the major blockchain events in Europe. The event will be held this year between the 17th and 18th of September. The venue of this major event will be Madrid, Spain. Many fans like this event because its organization emphasizes the display of digital collectives and other related assets. The display of digital collectibles is always completed with workshops and other specialized events.

Blockchain Expo 2022 Europe

This event takes place as part of the Blockchain World Expo series. This series of expos take place in different regions of the world every year. One of the hallmarks of the Blockchain Expo 2022 Europe will be candid discussions on the future of AI, digital assets, and related technologies and industries.

The speakers at the conference include the who-is-who in the digital assets industry. Whether new or well-established in this industry, it would be a good idea to experience such a cast of speakers and facilitators first-hand by attending the expo.

Web Summit 2022

This event will be from November 1st to 4th in Lisbon, Portugal. This event is unique because it attracts many luminaries in the industry. Some key participants are usually CEOs of startups seeking to disrupt the digital space, whistleblowers of big scandals in the tech industries, and other luminaries. In addition, there will be an exciting team of speakers ranging from current CEOs to activists.

Istanbul Blockchain Week

The Istanbul Blockchain Week will be held from the 21st to the 25th of November. It is regarded as one of Turkey’s most significant blockchain events and the entire European continent. The goal of the event is to foster relationships among stakeholders in the industry.


Attending crypto and NFT events allows you to meet and network with other individuals in the industry. But, more importantly, attending such events offers one a chance to meet and hear from some of the leading lights in the industry. So, you should choose events that are very popular and bring together some of the best speakers in the industry.


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