The Top 5 UK Casinos For Music Fans And How Music Affects Game Length At Online Casinos In The UK

music affects game length online casinos is the uk

If you love to play casino games while listening to music, then the best place in London would be The Hippodrome Casino.

It’s a vast establishment that has 8 different bars across 6 floors. However, that kind of night out can be very expensive, and definitely not something people can afford on a daily basis. That is why gambling at the best casino sites is so popular in the UK. Here we will talk about top UK casinos online with great games for any player who enjoys quality music. Moreover, we will talk about the effect of music on a casino gamer.

Videoslots Casino

An overall great operator for those who are looking to score big casino win. This operator has a massive selection of slots games including those that were made by smaller development studios.

It is also one of the real money online casinos United Kingdom players can enjoy that features all of the best music-themed games. It’s a safe platform that’s been highly recommended by wagering advisors on their best UK casino list due to its great bonus offer. Here you can play casino slot games developed by NetEnt:

Guns’n Roses
Gods of Rock
Jimi Hendrix

These are currently some of the top-ranked music-themed slots, and you’ll definitely have a blast playing any of these titles.

Allbritish Casino

If you are really into music slots then Allbritish casino is one of the best options for you. They even have sub-categories for filtering games, and one of these subcategories is music. You just need to do a bit of RTP research to find which one of these has the lowest casino win rate.

It is also one of the real money SMS casinos that is available in the UK. If you don’t want to play casino games anymore you can bet on one of their live game shows. Additionally, they have a decent 100% match deposit offer for first-timers, and they also have an ongoing cashback promotion.

When it comes to music slots you can play, the list features over a dozen titles:

The Final Countdown
Elvis Lives
Alice Cooper Tome of Madness
East Coast vs West Coast
Annihilator and more…

It’s definitely a great choice for either a seasoned gamer or a novice. Additionally, you don’t need a bank account or a card in order to make a deposit. You can do this via an SMS payment.

NoBonus Casino

For those who would like to play and bet regularly, NoBonus Casino is an amazing choice. The more you use this platform the greater the benefit. This is because they have an ongoing 10% cashback offer for all players. This bonus is available on a daily basis, and these small returns will definitely add up over time. As far as music games are concerned you can play – Kiss Reels of Rock, DJ Wild, The Rat Pack, as well as some of the other titles we already mentioned.

Of course, you can always listen to any music you like while you play. Just turn off the sound in the tab you are using and play something else either on YouTube, Spotify or from your PC. This is one of the main advantages of using online casinos, as you get to customize your own gambling experience. Moreover, you get to use amazing bonuses like cashback at NoBonus Casino.

PlayOjO Casino

This is one of the safest and oldest operators in the UK. PlayOjO has an amazing selection of content and includes a lot of the titles we have mentioned so far. One of its main advantages over other operators is that it offers free spins without wagering requirements. This is really an incredible deal if you are a fan of slots, and you are unlikely to find an offer that will match this one.


Another very popular choice among gamers is mFortune. Unlike the other operators we mentioned, mFortune doesn’t have that big of a game selection. But all of their slots are in-house solutions. They were created by their own team and you cannot play them anywhere else. So, you can experience a game called Rockin’ Reels, only on this website.

How Music Affects Players

music affects game length at online casinos is the uk

Music has a big impact on how we feel, and it makes any gaming experience way more immersive. The same logic applies to casino games, yet unlike other big video games, slot players won’t mind if the music is muted, as it doesn’t contribute that much. Most of them just pick what they want to listen to on another website and enjoy their gaming session in that way.

However, for a live casino, things are different. They want to have a more jolly atmosphere in certain rooms and more relaxing music in others. It depends on whether they want to have high energy and positive vibes, or if they want to allow their players to concentrate. Still, you’ll rarely find a place where you cannot hear any music. This is because music affects our mood, and if we feel good we are more likely to extend our play session.

Additionally, casinos often use music to attract new guests, who aren’t necessarily gamblers. There are many live music events that you can enjoy in big gambling resorts. Chances are if you are already there you are likely going to play a few games just for fun. In other words, this form of entertainment can help with user acquisition.


There are people who absolutely enjoy listening to their favorite music, and really love to have songs playing in the background as they do other things. They take great pride in their music taste, and they love to sit in a place where the background songs correspond to their artistic views.

This is why live music in a casino can be a double edge sword as it can deter certain guests depending on its genre. Since playing online gives you more freedom to pick a soundtrack for yourself, players are more likely to have a satisfying play session.


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