Five reasons to attend The Exchange X AVA Conference


Great Britain’s UK Trade and Investment in collaboration with Audio Visuals Arts (AVA) Festival bring you The Exchange X AVA on 9th March at the Khar Social, Mumbai.

We list down 5 reasons as to why this conference is a must attend for you if you are connected with the electronic music industry in any form.

1- Networking

The Exchange is the perfect platform for individuals looking to get into or already into the electronic music industry. Events such as these are where all the big things happen and if you’re looking to make your presence felt, it’s time to get those name-cards out and network your way up. It’s the perfect platform to accelerate international networks and partnerships.

2- Learning platform

The Exchange is one of the perfect platforms for learning more about the music industry in general. Filled with an attractive line-up of speakers, the event promises to discuss some key topic regarding the current music scenario and could well serve as a learning platform for individuals who are still looking to find their ground. Knowledge is forever right?

3- Exposure to the business side of electronic music

The Exchange will discuss key issues in the electronic music scene but in the end it’s gonna concentrate more on the business end of it and that’s where things get interesting. As fans or upcoming talents most individuals are unaware of what’s actually going on behind the scenes. The line-up of speakers promises to deliver inputs from some of the most successful businessmen and women in the industry today.

4- Chance to get their questions answered by industry professionals

Where else can you walk up to a world class DJ or festival founder and ask any question you desire? Well here’s your chance! The Exchange promises to let attendees have all their questions answered with delegates and speakers present in a very informal setting, easily approachable by anyone who wishes to get their doubts or queries clarified. After all, we’re all here to grow together right?

5- Free AVA curated showcase

After the daytime conference will be a free AVA Festival curated showcase featuring some of the UK and India’s most exciting and dynamic talent in electronic music. Headlining will be galactic funk pioneer Space Dimension Controller, joined by notable supporting artists such as Sandunes, Phil Kieran, Psycatron, Mathieu Josso / Bhavishyavani Future Soundz, Big City Harmonics, Perfectiming, Guerrilla Shout and Oblique. Sounds like a fun night considering all this is free!

Don’t think about it, just go. We promise it’ll be worth it. You can register here for the conference right here.

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