Tips to Write Better Song Lyrics

how to write better song lyrics

How To Write Better Song Lyrics?

Writing song lyrics is an extremely interesting but challenging job.

A good song lyric requires a lot of experience, confidence, and openness. Of course, this should not stop those who are willing to try. Songwriting can be also a lot of fun if you find your personal approach to it. There are numerous techniques, technologies, and methods for writing great lyrics. Of course, many writers keep thinking of ways on how to write better lyrics. We are here to tell you that there are ways and we are ready to show them to you. So here are our five tips on how to write better song lyrics.

Write a lot

Writing a lot is key to any artistic endeavour. Of course hearing “practice makes it perfect” seems to be such a cliche by now. Though it doesn’t mean it is not working. If you want to succeed in anything you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort. Writing song lyrics is not an easy job. It is challenging, emotionally draining, and scary. Though if done with passion it is also fun, interesting, and exciting. You choose! Oh, and when we say write a lot we don’t mean just lyrics. Write a diary, start a novel, write down your daily thoughts, or things you are grateful for. Just keep your brain in that creative mode as much as possible.

Search for inspiration everywhere

Writing lyrics is a creative process that can require a lot of inspiration and motivation. We can often find ourselves stuck in this process with no pass to go. You can change that and find new directions by looking for inspiration in other artists’ work. Whether they are songs, paintings, movies, or books you can perceive them as an artist. Looking for inspiration can also give you additional motivation to try harder in your work. After all, creative artistic people should help one another in evolving and producing more art in the world.

Study different lyrics

Whether you have decided on your style, tone, rhythm, and so on or not, you can always try out different types of lyrics writing; look at more info online, at concerts, or elsewhere. Learn how to write a serenade right after you have finished a rap song. Search for elements that make a song a bit while working on soft indie music lyrics. There is no one rule on how to write song lyrics. You can study the dominant elements of different styles just to mix them up in your future song. In the end, you can have a unique writing piece or at least have some fun in the process.

Don’t look for perfection

This is a big one. Don’t expect perfection. Don’t look for it and don’t wait for it. Perfection is the idea that exists only in your head and tortures you day after day. This is also the thought that never lets you finish what you start. The world will never know about your great song lyrics if you don’t show them thinking they are not ready. They are. Stop creating perfection. Stop constantly looking for a better song. Just make it right. Make it to the best of your ability and move on to a new song.

Show us what you got

Good song lyrics should be true to yourself. Surely it is possible to generate a series of hit songs without digging too deep into your personal experiences and emotions. The public can love the fun beat and easy to remember repetitive lyrics. Though, the faster they like it the faster they forget about it. If you want to create something long-lasting, something that will aim to the hearts of your listeners, you gotta dedicate your full self to it. So don’t hide your personality behind safe choices. Be open in your lyrics and the public will hear it and love it.


We hope you have enjoyed our take on how to write good song lyrics. We understand that writing lyrics is never easy. Especially for aspiring writers who are desperate to get their words heard. It is a challenging task though it is definitely rewarding. Just keep on writing, don’t be afraid to show your personality on your work and never give up. The world needs more artists, singers, writers, and other creative people. You make the world a better place. Don’t ever forget that. So keep on writing! Good luck!

Article by Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock is a freelance writer and musician. Jeff has dedicated his blog to help, inspire, and motivate young artists by giving away tips and secrets to successful careers in creative fields. In his free time, Jeff volunteers to play the guitar in children’s hospitals.


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