Sing In Tune: How To Sing On Pitch

Although there are people who are lucky to be born with a natural ear for pitches, melodies, and music, some people have a hard time to sing in tune.

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Tips to develop your own sound, and be a unique producer

The global dance music scene is growing really big and the number of artists is also on the rise.

5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music

5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music It’s every youngster’s dream to feature on the top lists of Beatport, Spotify, and Billboard among the many. Although most people have the skill and intent, they may not be able to make that cut due to a variety of other reasons which are equally essential. Here are the top 5 tips on how to produce commercial dance music

Top 5 Tips That Will Help You Become A Better Singer

Just like any sports, singing is a practice-oriented skill that gets better with time and hard work. You need to work on your singing skills day in day out to be the best of the best singers.

Want to get noticed by a record label? These tips may help you out!

Nowadays anyone with a laptop can upload a track to the internet and send out a mass email to the record label A&R’s.

EDM Editorials:

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