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The latest news, reviews, previews, interviews and much more from the world of EDM! Read on to know more about us!

What started as an interest, slowly turned into a passion, and before we knew it, we had curated and founded a thriving community of avid electronic dance music lovers.

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While the industry waited for the term ‘EDM’ to be coined, music was categorised into genres like trance, house, electro, etc. Borrowing inspiration, T(rance).H(ouse).E(lectronic) – Music Essentials was set up as a page in 2012, which still sees the best EDM they can scour from over the world.

With time, we included more sub-genres within EDM like dubstep, trap, etc. and with that came more content and more music. We gradually developed a vision for this unique venture – to create a singular platform for EDM that would then spiral into social sharing. This would essentially be a one-stop-shop for fans that were, until now, poring over the internet and playing catch-up with their favourite artists.

Thus, the website www.themusicessentials.com was born in 2013!

The objective now was to cover as many previews, releases, albums, EPs within every sub-genre possible under EDM. This wasn’t particularly easy – we followed all the artists/labels on different media channels so as to stay updated with the music. And we aren’t at all ashamed to say that we are yet to achieve the required level of satisfaction in this particular leg.

The next step required even more tact and intelligence. We needed to get in touch with the PR agencies, artist managers, and press contacts to initiate a relationship with them. This would bring in all the exclusive access, in turn providing exclusive content for our fans. In the process, we also won an impressive roster of artist interviews, including the likes of Martin Garrix, W&W, Paul Oakenfold, Mord Fustang, Firebeatz, Blasterjaxx, Cosmic Gate, Aly & Fila, Nic Fanciulli, Nikhil Chinapa and plenty more.

Amidst all the action, a team was steadily getting built – people from different disciplines coming together for their shared love of music.

Considering that we try hard to focus on sharing the latest dance music from across the globe, it only made sense to launch our own podcasts, T.H.E – Podcasts, which would be focused on sharing the best and the latest in electronic dance music every week. We pride ourselves in a host of more than 100 podcast-style episodes, which has helped galvanise more listeners.

We also like to promote upcoming Indian producers. Hence, we also launched a special #HomeGrownTalent podcast series which focuses on featuring the best dance music from Indian producers on a monthly basis.

Going forward, we see strong partnerships with both local and global dance music events. Along with domestic and global associations, T.H.E wants to focus on opening young minds to the world dance music scene, striking that perfectly symbiotic relationship between artists and fans.

In a nutshell, we want to be right there when a new fan is born and a new artist makes his breakthrough!

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