Music Festival Tips For College Students

music festival tips for college students

Music festivals are a crucial tradition for collegians.

It is not a mere weekend getaway but a chance to exercise the freedom and energy that comes with being a young, energetic, and young student. It is a chance to explore while making lifetime memories and a rite of passage for any collegian. You get to try the different music sets, hop from one jam session to another, and move from one stage to another to experience music and color art in its best raw form.

Dancing under the sun or in the stars, dark at night, and unexpected encounters all point to the magic of sound and music. Music festivals provide the one chase where you can let go and live freely in the moment. But as fun as it sounds, things can turn sour quickly if you are unprepared, limiting you from enjoying the experience. So here are tips to make your music festival memorable and enjoyable.

Plan Before You Go

There is a saying that goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail?” Well, this is the same case for music festivals. As much as we love being spontaneous, you need a few items before attending the music festival.

Keep Your Cash in Order

One key thing to a music festival is to survive at the cheapest cost possible without denting your finances. Budget well and mark your spending cap. Remember, you will still have other expenses to take care of after the festival, such as buying groceries and hiring writers at sites like

Reusable Water Bottles

In festivals, water prices skyrocket as it is in high demand, and you need to stay hydrated to survive the heat and the partying. Luckily, planners are aware that fans need to stay hydrated; hence, they usually have water refill stations. Refillable bottles will save you the hustle of buying the water and ensure you always stay hydrated without spending much. Carrying your water bottle also ensures you can have as much water as you need.


Music festivals involve a lot of fun activities. The screaming, dancing, and shouting may deprive you of energy. It is always keen to have some snacks with you. Some festivals do not allow snacks, but if you plan to go to one that does, pack high-energy and protein-content snacks to carry you through the festival before you can access a decent meal. You can include granolas, peanuts, or any snack of your choice to keep you energized.

Portable Phone Charger

Music festivals are about creating memories, and your phone is expected to be at maximum functionality. Carry a power bank and a charger to ensure your phone does not go off when your favorite band performs. It also makes sure you are reachable at all times.

Pack Your Medication

Remember to check and pack your medication, especially if you have a condition that interferes with daily activities. Pack the inhaler, antihistamines, painkillers, or any necessary medication. If under medical care, talk to your doctor about the medication’s reaction to alcohol, especially if you are going to take any.

Check Out Which Performances to Attend

When you want to find the best essay writers, you have to read EssayUSA review to know where to find them. Similarly, to have the best time at a festival, scan through the performances and check the ones that are a must-attend and what you can avoid. You don’t want to miss your favorite band performance only to realize later.

Enjoy and Keep Safe at the Festival

At the festival, aim to enjoy and live in the moment. Let go and experience the magic that music creates. Here’s how to do it safely.
Familiarize Yourself With the Grounds

On arrival at the venue, your first thing is to get a layout of the area. Ensure to mark key areas you might need and how to get to them, for instance, restrooms, safety tents, food stalls, exit and entries, and camping zones. Luckily, most events provide a plan, or you can walk around and explore.

Tag a Friend Along or Have a Buddy System

music festival tips for college students

You want to enjoy, meet new people, and make new friends, but it is good to have a friend to check on you for safety. Have accountability for one another at regular intervals where you check if everybody is okay and accounted for. If exploring unfamiliar places, don’t go alone; your phone can go off, or your network can be overloaded due to the congestion. Always keep a friend close.

Watch Alcohol Safety

It’s crucial to watch your alcohol limit. Besides, alcohol and heat make you more dehydrated, so it’s best not to consume much of it. What’s more, proceed with caution when trying fancy things you have never tried before, and if you haven’t attained the drinking age, keep off. It may sound a little bit conservative, but you don’t want to wreck your body or get into trouble with the authorities. Be responsible.

Keep an Eye on Your Drinks

Drink spiking has become common in big events, especially music festivals. Always keep your drinks safe. Maybe put them in a bag that is out of reach if you are not drinking. Also, do not accept drinks from strangers. If possible, do not let anyone pour your drinks; buy and pour your own.

Put Your Phone Down

While posting is exciting, too much concentration on your phone can distract you from living in the moment. Besides, big festivals upload the highlights of the event. So take a few snaps for memory, keep the phone aside, and enjoy the event.

Guard Your Ears

Music festival events are filled with blasting music, and the sounds from the cheering crowd make it noisier. Always have your earplugs in case the noise gets too much. Alternatively, you can move away from the speakers if the volume becomes unbearable.

Parting Shot

Music festivals are meant to make college life more fun and memorable. Make sure to enjoy the thrill and electric energy by planning properly before attending the festival, carrying necessities, and keeping safe during the event. Buy those tickets and go have fun!


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