Las Vegas EDM: Guide For 2022

last vegas edm guide 2022

Las Vegas is a world-renowned entertainment hub that attracts tourists to the desert city for spectacular live entertainment.

Over the past decade, electronic dance music (EDM) DJs and fans alike have been flocking to the strip to host and attend unforgettable elaborate parties at famous clubs and music events. It’s no wonder why Las Vegas has been named one of the top US cities for EDM lovers of all genres.

You should remember some tips if you plan to go to sin city this year. Being prepared well ahead of time can help you beat the ticket queues so you can enjoy dancing your weekend away to the fullest.

To get you started, here’s a guide to the Las Vegas scene in 2022.

The Events And Parties

There is no shortage of music festivals, concerts, carnivals, nightclubs, and weekend parties to attend on the 4-mile-long Las Vegas strip. The event calendar is filled with a thriving and busy EDM scene to keep you entertained whenever you decide to make your party journey there. As an EDM fan, you can expect top resident acts like Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, and DJ Snake to turn the music up in 2022.

Most of the best events where you can experience the hottest party on the strip take place on long weekends. This is so that you can get an all-encompassing three to four-day rave and partying experience and make the most of your time while you’re there.

Event companies and promoters have packages that give you tickets to access a chain of parties during your stay so you can go club and festival-hopping, too. Be on the lookout for early bookings of annual events months in advance because those weekend passes sell out fast.

What To Bring

Because Las Vegas nightlife brands itself by the ambiance of lavish lifestyles and ‘living your best life,’ many events and venues have dress codes to uphold that image. Therefore, it’s better to pack smart outfits, such as dress shirts, cocktail dresses, strappy flats or heels, and loafers or dress sneakers.

If you’re going to wear EDM rave outfits and festival wear, check the event policy for adult attire and anything that shows nudity. A good rule of thumb to remember for a Vegas trip is that it’s better to dress up than dress down.

Likewise, don’t forget to bring hydration packs to keep you replenished during your weekend of walking around, partying, and drinking. Many double as backpacks so you can keep them on your body without the need to carry extra bags.

When it comes to budgeting, it’s essential to factor in costs such as traveling around the city and restaurant tipping. Dining in Las Vegas is costly because of tourist prices and the quality of service. Thus, you should know how to budget to compensate for higher prices. You may also want to bring a debit or credit card for ease in making payments.

How To Get There

The most convenient way to get to Las Vegas is by flying into Nevada state via the Harry Reid International Airport in Paradise. This entryway airport services most commercial flights and airlines from cities around the country and the world if you’re coming from outside the United States. From the airport, travel via taxi or shuttle service to your hotel on the strip for about 5 miles.

If you’re in a nearby state like California, you can also charter a bus service to get to Las Vegas from Los Angeles and Anaheim. The trip usually takes about five hours. Some hotels, resorts, festivals, and clubs have transportation included in their EDM weekend party packages, so check information packs for discounted shuttle services.

Where To Stay

The hotels in Las Vegas are undoubtedly the best accommodation you can choose for your EDM trip. This is not only because they offer exceptional quality dining and living service but also because they’re near the EDM events you’ll be attending. Many hotels, resorts, and casinos often have nightclub venues located within their establishments. The hotels also cater to night events like EDM festival pool parties. So, booking a hotel like this also means you can make your way downstairs when the party begins.

Travel lodges, inns, suite resorts, homestays, and vacation rentals are also available. This is the more affordable option if you only want a place to stay and crash after your nights of raving. Although, keep in mind that most non-hotel accommodations are located a little further from the strip, so you’ll have to factor in travel and distance to your party venue.


Las Vegas boasts a booming EDM scene filled with parties and festivals. Some of the best events take place on long weekend holidays, so these are the dates you should aim to book. You can expect exquisite dining, glitzy hotels, and all-night ravers lighting up the neon dance floor when you go.

Furthermore, stay hydrated, dress appropriately, and stick to a carefully allocated budget that compensates for higher prices. Following these can ensure your dance music weekend fulfills your every festival fantasy.


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