When In Love, Like In Music, People Prefer Diversity

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Everybody has a favorite type of music, but most people don’t listen to the same genre all the time.

The same is with love. Many couples know who their soulmate is, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy meetings with other people. Diversity is good. And no, we aren’t promoting cheating.
We’ll use the metaphor to show that couples seeking threesomes are rightfully not taboo anymore. Before we move to that exciting type of dating, we’ll mention how music can boost health.

Why Is Music Important in Matters of the Heart?

Music affects our mood, so most have favorite songs for sad and happy moments. We have break-up songs, sets for working, even songs for making love. And almost no one has one universal track for everything. The reason is again the beauty of choice and diversity.

But not every song is created equal. It’s famous that Another one bites the dust has the same rhythm as the human heart. Because of that, listening to it helps those with cardiovascular problems. It doesn’t cure diseases, but keeping the hearth in a perfect rhythm helps without a shadow of a doubt. Now we’ll jump from healthy music to diverse relationships.

Where to Meet Like-minded People?

Monogamy is great because you get a partner for all aspects of life. But sometimes couples don’t want to keep having sex only with each other forever. There’s nothing wrong with that. Remember, diversity is fun (more about that later). In fact, only couples who trust each other dare to include the third person in their sex lives. People have different reasons for trying threesomes.

Almost everybody finds such partners online nowadays. Joining a site that caters to every couple looking for a male is the painless way of adding diversity into their lives. Members are discreet, and couples don’t have to explain why they want someone to join them in the bedroom. It’s like a safe place for people who know what they want and don’t mind experimenting.

Why Do People Prefer Diversity in Music and Love?

Everybody knows that music taste is related to personality. Proofs are backing that up. However, we mentioned that most of us aren’t one-dimensional. People tend to like different music genres and pick music according to their mood. It’s like we’re stars of our movies, and we’re creating our own soundtracks. Dating is similar to that.

Some people stay single because they don’t want to lose the freedom of being with more than one person. They want to hook up with someone new whenever they feel like it. But there’s a way to do so and stay with someone you love. Some couples decide to add diversity to their lives by introducing someone new. The goal is to keep their soulmates without passing chances for creating exciting memories.

Why Do People Choose Several Partners?

Reasons for having more than one partner could divide into physical and psychological. Sleeping with more people leads to more pleasure. Everybody makes love differently. Changing partners is the way to ensure the passion doesn’t die, which happens to many couples who stick to monogamy.

People who don’t mind changing partners do it because that helps with more than reaching new levels of pleasure. Being able to attract different people shows them that they’re desirable, which helps in other aspects of life. They use confidence boost to be more determined in business and hobbies.

Top 3 Polyamorous Romantic Songs for Couples

We mentioned that most people, especially polyamorous couples, have sex songs. That one track brings up the best in them when the bedroom door closes. The type of music may be different based on the nature of the encounter. A wild mix is ok when they expect passionate banging. But romantic songs set a mood for love-making.

Here are the top 3 songs that help couples relax with new partners:

Wicked Game – Chris Isaac
• Hot Girls in Love – Loverboy
• Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees


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