How Can Music Help You Study Better?

music help you study better

Settling down to study can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re the kind of person who is easily distracted.

It’s easy to find a wide range of study tips to help you work more successfully, but have you considered adding music to your study sessions? Whilst you might at first assume that listening to music would be a distraction, in fact, the opposite is true.

Music can help you to focus better and make you feel more relaxed whilst you work. So how can music help you study better?

● It can help you focus

Listening to music can improve your ability to focus because of the effect it has on your brain. The left side of our brains processes speech, logic, and language whilst the right side of the brain processes audio and abstract sound. Interestingly, when we listen to music we use both sides of the brain to process what we hear. This means that listening to music encourages your brain to function at its peak. This can help you to focus more easily on your studies, as well as absorb and retain information more easily.

● It can lower stress levels

If you’re panicking about an upcoming exam and it’s affecting your ability to study, music could be the solution. Music is known to relax people and can help you to recover from stressful situations more quickly. Listening to music whilst you study or before you have a big test can help you to relax and perform better. Of course, if you want to feel relaxed it’s advisable to listen to relaxing music rather than anything too intense or uptempo.

● It can assist in reducing anxiety

At the peak of exam season, you might understandably be feeling anxious. Similarly to having the power to lower your stress levels, music can also be useful for reducing anxiety. If studying is making you feel anxious or you’re starting to worry about exams and tests, playing some calming music can help to rapidly calm you down. When you feel anxious you’re more likely to get distracted, so reducing your anxiety levels can also help you to focus better on your studies.

● It can improves sleep

According to this recent article from the Sleep Foundation, a good night’s sleep plays a crucial role in improving school performance. Some commonly known problems with lack of sleep include decreased attention, impaired memory, slowed processing, and more. All of which are important to have to be able to study effectively.

Being well-rested is important for being able to study effectively and this is another area where music can help. Listening to gentle and relaxing music before bed can prepare you for sleep and help you to feel more rested when you wake up. If you then need to study, or even take a big test, you’ll feel more refreshed and better prepared. Feeling tired can also affect your motivation, so winding down with music at bedtime and getting a good night’s sleep might also make you more motivated to succeed in your studies.

What music should you choose?

With so many benefits of listening to music, you might be wondering what exactly is the best music for studying. From classical music to electronic dance music there are actually many genres of music that can assist in helping improve your concentration and focus needed for your studies. Loud, energetic, or harsh music isn’t usually the best accompaniment to a study session. Steady, calming music is often a good option. Classical music is widely cited as a great choice for studying and can improve your mood and productivity. If classical isn’t your style, ambient sounds and laid back electronic genres like trip hop can also be beneficial.

Enhance your studies with music

Studying is important but it isn’t always easy. If you use music in the right way you might really benefit and find your sessions easier and more enjoyable. If you want to feel more relaxed, focus more easily on your material, or feel better prepared for an exam or important coursework, incorporating music into your study routine could make a big difference.


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