Stendahl And Meeting Molly Unveil Dreamy Progressive House EP ‘Outlines’

stendahl outlines

Progressive house veterans Stendahl and Meeting Molly returned to Monstercat today, joining forces for their debut collaborative EP, ‘Outlines.’

Inspired by their longstanding friendship, the four-track EP is a culmination of various unfinished songs and ideas they’ve sent each other over the years. Combining the euphoric melodies that Stendahl is known for with Meeting Molly’s signature atmospheric style, “Balearis” reflects the pair’s complementary palettes and refined production techniques. With its soft synths and lively percussion, ‘Outlines’ achieves a beautiful marriage of their artistic visions.

Stendahl and Meeting Molly share, “The ‘Outlines’ EP is a delicate and smooth piece of music that obtained an ideal balance between our inner music worlds and visions. We hope it won’t leave music fans indifferent.”

‘Outlines’ EP Tracklist:

1. Outlines
2. Balearis
3. Outlines (Extended Mix)
4. Balearis (Extended Mix)


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