The Best Music Streaming Platforms For A Poker Night With Friends

music streaming platforms for a poker night with friends

Music has always been a great way of unwinding and disconnecting from the stress of everyday life.

Nowadays, it is even easier to get access to your favourite music as modern technology has facilitated the creation of streaming platforms. These streaming platforms allow people to have instant access to their favourite artists even on the go. As music is used in the background for many different activities such as poker, it is worth exploring the best music streaming platforms for a poker night with friends.

Apple Music

Firstly, one of the best music streaming platforms for a night of poker is Apple Music. Nowadays, people all over the world use Apple products as Apple create a whole range of computers, smartphones and tablet computers. More recently, Apple Music has been launched which allows Apple users to go onto the music streaming service and listen to their favourite songs.

These songs on the Apple Music platform can be streamed in lossless format, enabling you to hear the highest quality available on a streaming platform. Users are also impressed by the special features such as spatial audio which offers a fully immersive 3D experience. As most people nowadays have multiple Apple devices, it is also easier than ever to continue your listening experience across devices.


Furthermore, one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world right now is Spotify. Spotify is extremely versatile for music fans as it can be used by both iOS users and Android/Window users. Due to the popularity of this streaming platform, many artists have put their music on Spotify meaning that users are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking songs for their poker night. It also offers a number of curated music discovery services, including its Discover Weekly playlist meaning that you can stay up to date with the latest releases while you enjoy a poker game with friends. Spotify also allows multiple people to contribute to a playlist on Spotify meaning that you can get everyone’s input with their favourite songs in one place before the poker game starts. In your spare time away from the poker table, Spotify also allows you to listen to an array of poker related podcasts so that you can brush up on your skills.

music streaming platforms for a poker night with friends

YouTube Music

Of course, YouTube is another music streaming platform that has remained popular to this day. Not only does this platform allow you to create personalised platforms for free, but you will also be permitted to access your history regarding videos played and create a “Watch later” list or mark your favorite songs. The added bonus of listening to your music on YouTube during a poker game is that you can also watch music videos which can act as the perfect ambience.

Other Key Brands to Consider

Moreover, Deezer is another popular online music streaming services that allows you to curate your own personal playlists fit to play during any poker game. With free access to its music and library, there is an impressive array of songs to choose from. During a poker game, many people using this streaming service decide to play instrumental music in the background to set the scene. This type of music also helps them to concentrate on their poker skills as it is not as distracting as songs with lyrics.

In addition, SoundCloud is a truly unique steaming service that not only allows users to listen to songs but also to create their own songs and share them. It is the perfect place to create a community where people share their recordings with others for feedback. It is also easily accessed as it can be found in your browser or downloaded as an app to your phone. There are also plenty of casino themed playlists that are readily available on SoundCloud which should get you in the mood to play a great game of poker. Alternatively, MixCloud is a streaming services that can also provide users with remixes of their favourite songs which helps to keep everything fresh.

If you are considering testing out a streaming platform for your poker night, remember to keep in mind each poker player’s individual music tastes when choosing a genre to play. For example, soft jazz is a popular choice for those people hosting a poker night as it successfully captures the mood and feel of a real life casino. Luckily, there are plenty of soft jazz playlists available on all of these streaming platforms if you are new to the genre.

Ultimately, playing music when you are having a poker night with friends is a great way to heighten the excitement and to improve the ambience. From streaming platforms such as Apple and Spotify, to SoundCloud and MixCloud, there are an array of avenues you can go down to access the best background music for your poker game.


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