Protect Your CDs From Getting Damaged

packaging for cds

Yes, it is always exciting when we order something online.

Nevertheless, all the excitement turns into disappointment when we open the package and find a damaged product inside. So a Packaging Company plays a great role in all this. They are the right people who cans advise the correct choice of packing material when it comes to shipping your fragile products. is the perfect one-stop solution for your requirement.

Sometimes we find difficulty in selecting between cardboard boxes and envelope mailers. Despite both, the options save our money and protect the products we need to make a smart decision to ship the more fragile products. The aforesaid items need more precautions and cushion.

The smart packaging option offers a high level of protection at a lower minimum cost

Many often we wanted to order a limited edition CD or elegant dainty earrings but the only reason to stop ourselves is the fear of them getting damaged. So to get ensured of safety the product a good packaging system is very much needed. So don’t let your heart stuck in your throats anymore. Try bubble padded envelopes, the only solution to keep you happy and satisfied.

The bubble padded envelopes otherwise known as Jiffy Bags are the standard envelopes with an additional layer of plastic bubble padding to protect the fragile items from getting damaged. The exterior part of the envelope is made of protective material like paperboard, paper, fiberboard, or a plastic film.

To protect the item from mishandling, shock, and vibration of the transit it’s a good idea to use bubble padding inside the envelope.

You can get the envelopes in several sizes starting right from A7 size envelopes to The A3 size envelope, which is needed to ship clothes and shoes.

Weather Resistant is the other advantage of those paper padded envelopes. They restrict water and moisture to damage the CDs or documents inside. the bubble padded envelopes are entirely weatherproof. The plastic coat inside the paper cover is impervious to moisture. That is the reason it is the perfect suit for shipping something in rainy weather.

Apart from that it surely saves space as the envelopes are much more compact than other traditional packing boxes. It occupies less space and can easily be stored even in places like a drawer.

It fosters the sustainable effect of the Environment as bubble padded envelopes is still a smart packaging alternative as it can be Reused and Recycled.

The other associate advantages of the envelopes are lightweight, portable, and involve low postage costs.


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