Rammstein Stadium Tour: The Setting Of The Stadiums

rammstein stadium tour

Rammstein Stadium Tour will be rounding up this year, but that is after the band has visited the last remaining locations, which are scattered all around Europe.

Seeing how much Rammstein alongside their touring team have put into making this tour a success, we thought it’d be great to let y’all know the processes involved in making the “Rammstein Stadium Concert” the best for your entertainment.

Most of the time, we just turn up for the concert hours even before the stadium gates open. We do this intending to gain access to the stadium early so that we can relax and wait for the main event.

While at it, we see that everything has been set up already, and waiting for our arrival. The stage is all set; there are chairs everywhere and also, and the lighting is already beautifying the whole stadium.

This gives us the concert vibe, and we can already start fantasizing about the songs that will be performed later on that night since we already know the setlist of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”

But, it’s hard to even think about the process of setting up the stadium. Does this make us selfish or careless? No, not really. However, we feel knowing the time put into everything to make the stadium perfect for the concert will give us a sense of how important we all are to Rammstein.

From research, we found that it takes more than 7 days to prepare a stadium for the Rammstein Stadium tour. The fact that Rammstein has performed in some countries for just a day solidifies that we, “their fans,” are very important to them and our entertainment is their No.1 priority, as they have proven times without numbers.

So, in this article, we will be looking at the 8 steps involved in setting up a stadium for the Rammstein Stadium tour. We promise it’s going to be an interesting ride, and this will also change how you view Rammstein Stadium concerts entirely.

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Step 1 – Ground Protection

The first-step to setting-up Rammstein Stadium Tour venue is laying off the ground protection plates.

This process involves the use of truck cranes to lift the metal sheets and lay them down on top of the stadium grass.

This is to protect the grass from the pending stampede, once the stadium gets occupied by the thousands that usually turn up for Rammstein concerts. The sheets also provide balance for concert attendees amidst the concert.

Step 2 – Seats

The 2nd step involves the arrangement of seats for concert attendees. The seats are not much, just enough for some people. As with most concerts, standing is the way forward. The case isn’t different with Rammstein Stadium Tours.

The seats are arranged on the stadium’s main pitch but on the sidelines of the pitch. This is to create enough space for other concert attendees who will be standing amidst the concert.

Step 3 – Stage Foundation

The 3rd step is where the hard work starts to unfold. The process of laying the stage foundation is so tough, that the team had to take more than 72 hours to get it done.

Mind you, the stage foundation is completely different from completing the stage’s look. You know how the stage seems to breathe fire during Rammstein’s concert, yes. That part is not involved in the step of laying the stage foundation.

The process that contains adding final touches is done in another step which we will be discussing as the article progresses.

For now, have it in the back of your mind that laying the stage foundation is the toughest part of setting the stadiums for the Rammstein Stadium tour.

The process involves the use of more truck cranes and manpower. The barrels the flames will pass through are also installed in this process, pending the completion.

As with the number of truck cranes and laborers, so does the need for more engineers, who will climb up the top of the stage to ensure that every piece of hardware falls in its place.

Step 4 – Attendees Section Demarcation

You probably never noticed some markings on the ground you stand while at Rammstein Stadium concerts, that is if you have attended any.
After laying the stage foundation, the next step is when demarcations for where concert attendees will stand are done.

The markings are done, to give the crew an idea of where to place the barrier separating the concert attendees. After the first markings are done, the next crew places the black barriers for the division.

In the process, 2 sections are created for concert attendees to stand in. This creates more room for everyone to be able to dance or jump amidst the concert without stepping on one another due to overcrowdedness.

Step 5 – Unloading Band Equipment

Step 5 features the unloading of band equipment. This process sees the inflow of heavy-duty trucks that have the band’s equipment in them.

The equipment is then unloaded and kept in place for the next crew which will take over with arranging them after the unloading is done.

Step 6 – Arranging Band Equipment

This step is where the stage also gets its finishing touches. In this step, the crew arranges the entire band’s equipment, placing each hardware in its right place.

The team is divided into sections to tend to different parts of the stadium. Some of the division takes care of the stage, seeing to its completion. This is when the fire shooting barrels are fully activated, pending Rammstein’s performances, which are usually epic.

This step also refers to the arrangement of speakers. Most of the speakers in the Rammstein stadium tour are massive and hung on the stage.
This creates the needed effect and also connects the lines to why Rammstein advises their fans to attend the concerts with earplugs. This is because the effect of the speakers is tripled due to the contribution of air.

Step 7 – Gates Open

This step involves opening the gates to the stadium, for concert attendees to access the concert ground. This is also the part where concert attendees get checked, and their tickets verified, so make sure to come along with your tickets and IDs.

Gates open to the Rammstein stadium tour by 4 PM, while the main event starts by 7:30 PM. Being checked and allowed into the stadium early totally depends on the time you arrive at the stadium.

There will be thousands of people trying to access the stadium, just like you. So, the earlier you arrive, the better.

Step 8 – Main Event – Rammstein Stadium Tour Concert

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is when Rammstein comes to the stage to give us a performance more than worthy of our money.


We believe going through this article has given you an idea of the effort put into making every Rammstein Stadium Concert entertaining.

Think of times when Rammstein and his team had to perform for a single day. All in all, it takes 7 days to completely set up the stadium for the Rammstein Stadium Tour. This means that the touring team will have to go through 7 days of this setup process, just to give Rammstein fans 1-day entertainment.

If this doesn’t represent true entertainment, nothing will.


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