Rat City & Isak Heim Provide The Perfect Playlist For The Perfect Summer Day

rat city isak heim summer playlist 2021

This playlist provides a recipe for the perfect summer day. From Rat City & Isak Heim to you, let these ten songs guide you through 24 hours of bliss.

“Sober” – Childish Gambino

We start our day with this gem from the ultimate beach album Kauai by Childish Gambino. We always return to this album whenever summer approaches to get us in the mood for some lazy days in the sun.

“Sweet Life” – Frank Ocean

On the same note as the Kauai album, this song is one of our favorite songs to have playing in the background while chilling with friends on the beach or wherever. Good vibes.

“Mile High” – James Blake (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)

One of our favourite artists. Love this collab with Travis and Metro and listen to it all the time.

“DI MI NOMBRE – Cap.8: Êxtasis” – Rosalia

Cool track from an amazing album. Instantly fell in love with her voice the first time we heard her sing on “Barefoot in the Park” by James Blake and had to search out her music. Did not disappoint.

“Pineapple Skies” – Miguel

We’re picking up speed now and this is just a huge confidence boost of a song. We are not sure it’s humanly possible to feel anything but great when this track is on.

“Rather Be” – Rat City

We created this for you to blast through your speakers on roadtrips, parties – pretty much any time you want to have fun. Great way to get the energy level up, time to move your feet!

“Alors on danse” – Stromae

This one should be saved for when the party’s peaking and everyone’s dancing. Banger track by a magnificent artist.

“715 – CREEKS” – Bon Iver

The party’s entering its final phase and it’s time to switch from beer to wine and gather around a campfire or something. Don’t worry, Bon Iver will set the mood for the afterparty.

“Undercover” – Susanne Sundfør

Stargazing to this song marks the end of our amazing day. Hauntingly beautiful track that’s just one of many we could have chosen by this artist, please do check her out.

“24 – 25” – Kings of Convenience

A proper pick-me-up for the morning after. Enjoy a slow breakfast with this soothing track in the background and regret nothing.


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