Soundclub Launches The Ultimate Music Festivals App

soundclub music festivals app

Soundclub, the social platform for live music experiences, has launched a website and mobile app that will focus on festivals helping fans discover and experience live music events with minimal effort and a seamless experience.

Soundclub’s mission is to help fans discover the vibe they need through live music experiences.

Whatever makes fans feel limitless – that’s the vibe Soundclub wants to connect them with. In a world where we’re bombarded with constant stimuli, we need something to help us cut through the white noise to find out what frequency we’re on. Whatever fans like, wherever they are, Soundclub is committed to helping them find what suits them.

Music events can be discovered through a variety of online platforms, but the journey to finding them is lengthy and difficult. Soundclub is a one-stop social platform for live music experiences bringing every live music experience to your hand, starting with festivals.

soundclub music festivals app

Founded in London in 2020 by Max Zanetti Bottarelli, Soundclub and its media arm Soundclub Mag help fans discover live music experiences and connect with the vibe they need.


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