Things To Pack for Your First Ever Festival

things to pack for a music festival

Congratulations on booking for your first ever festival! A great time is waiting to be had but, make sure you pack wisely, anticipating the elements while also checking the festival website for specific guidelines.

Their FAQ pages are usually very helpful and informative. Here’s a list of some essentials you’ll need to pack.

The Bags

Choose a suitable bag or suitcase. A wheelie backpack suitcase is multi-purpose and, even if it rains, you can carry it on your back. These bigger bags can fit essential items like your sleeping bag and hardware. You can then take along a medium-sized rucksack for clothes. Also invest in a fanny pack for your ID, wallet and cell phone. Further, protect these by placing them inside a plastic bag.

Tickets and Cash

Make sure to pack your festival ticket and parking ticket if required. Many a tear has been shed when these essential items have been left on the counter at home! Take along enough cash as well as your bank card.

If you are attending a festival abroad, check that your bank card will be accepted. Most festivals have ATMs and the food vendors often take cards as payment. Be sure to check on the festival website.

A Tent

Take along a weather-suitable tent. Often, a two-man pop-up tent is sufficient but, if you are attending a longer festival, it may be advisable to invest more in your tent. Other camping essentials include a mallet, duct tape and string. The mallet will ensure you can secure your tent pegs securely and duct tape is a wonder tool for fixing a multitude of problems including patching up holes in the tent.

A sleeping bag is best to keep you comfortable at night and, if you can fit it in, you might want to include a sleeping mat or self-inflating mattress. Many seasoned festival-goers take along a pillow as this greatly helps with getting a good night’s sleep.

Food and Cooking Equipment

A portable gas stove is a very useful item to take to the festival. Even if you plan on eating from the vendors, sometimes queues are long, and there is nothing like not needing to line up for that first cup of coffee in the morning.

If you take the stove, you are sorted for both coffee and snacks like cup-a-soup and pot noodles. Other snacks like crisps, nuts, dried fruit and granola bars are also perfect to munch on at a festival.

Pack several large water bottles that you can refill on-site as well as a collapsible water container. Other important things to pack include a torch, trash bags, a pocket knife, reusable crockery and utensils, as well as biodegradable dish soap.


Other items to pack for entertainment when you are not watching the bands include a book to read, playing cards, a Frisbee and a soccer ball, or even a sketch pad and pen. You may want to break away from the festival vibe and play some online games at Remember to pack your cell phone and portable charger or power bank. Musical instruments are another popular item to take along to jam with friends and strangers alike.

Your Personal Items

Pack weather suitable clothing items. Remember that the weather can change considerably from day to night. Pack a few extra items to layer, and pack extra socks and underwear. You will be on your feet for extended periods, so comfortable shoes are a must. Wellington boots or hiking boots are advised as well as a pair of flip flops.

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a rain poncho are essential festival items to pack. Make sure you pack your medication and first aid kit in a waterproof bag. Paracetamol, electrolytes, hand sanitizer and bug spray are good items to have with you. Baby wipes are a must, along with a pair of soft earplugs and an eye mask. Your toiletry bag should include toilet roll, toothpaste and toothbrush, moisturiser, lip balm, hairbrush and dry shampoo.

This is a rather extensive list, so make sure you decide what is essential for you. Share the load on certain items between friends and enjoy this amazing experience


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