What Type Of Music Should You Have At Your Wedding?

type of music you should have at your wedding

On what is arguably the biggest day of your life, there are multiple aspects to consider, and music can be seen as one of the higher priorities.

Whatever you choose, music helps set the atmosphere, creates the right mood, and allows a couple to personalise their wedding a little bit more.

However, there are thousands of options available, and for a couple already undertaking vital decisions with wedding planning, it can be hard to work out what type of music should be used at different points of the day. This short guide will help you decide on the all-important music at your wedding.

Before the Ceremony

Music can be cleverly used to guide people into the right space and quieten any conversation in anticipation of the upcoming ceremony. If you have hired people to play during this time, they could play pieces to encourage guests gently to find a seat.

The most traditional way to do this would be to have some softly played classical music, but an alternative would be to play film scores. Film scores are something that guests are likely to sit and listen to (and offer fun trivia to play to remember the film!). You could opt for jazz or something else with a quicker tempo.

During the Ceremony

Looking over the ceremony, you will see that there is a certain structure, leading to natural points where music can be highlighted. The main thing to remember is that you can have as much or as little music as you like. For example, you don’t have to play music to go down the aisle, but people often feel uncomfortable not including it when it ends up with all eyes on them in silence.

The ceremony is a great time to use music that is special to the pair of you in one way or another. Try to stick to short, focused pieces that can be used rather than needing a longer list to fill time. Let your imagination flow.

If you want the song you heard when you met at the club, go for it! If it doesn’t fit the tone you’re going for, then why not talk through options with a musician? Someone like the best harpist in London can play all of your favourite songs on the harp. This can help take the atmosphere of your wedding or event to the next level and bring a truly memorable experience to your guests on your big day.

Before the Reception

There is always that moment between the ceremony and the reception meal, which is tricky to fill. People will generally be talking and catching up, so they won’t really be listening to music, so you might want not to bother here. It’s a good time for musicians to switch their set-up between the ceremony room and the reception room.

During the Reception

If you want to do music during the meal, think about how restaurants do it. It would help if you had the right volume so people could chat without overwhelming the room. Harpists or other musicians can play beautiful background music while your guests socialise and enjoy their drinks and canapés.

With the reception comes the party. This is your chance to play all the pieces you loved over the years, including childhood favourites.

What’s more, it’s common to ask guests to submit song suggestions when RSVPing to your invite. Doing so can give you an idea of what people will dance to and enjoy listening to. Many people combine a band and a DJ to get the best atmosphere but make sure you listen to samples of their sets. With a DJ, you want to find someone who can read the room well and get people up and dancing to avoid awkward, quiet moments. Importantly, you need someone who can end the night on a high.


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