[WATCH] Eric Prydz finally debuts EPIC 5.0, and it’s every bit as EPIC!


Just about 6 months back, Swedish DJ and record producer Eric Prydz announced the tour dates for his popular and most awaited visual spectacle – ‘EPIC 5.0’.

After a stunning performance during his EPIC 4.0 tour and after releasing the teaser for EPIC 5.0, the expectations for this one were super high.

As announced earlier, Prydz debuted EPIC 5.0 at London’s Steel Yard on 28th May and it was epic indeed. We have no words to explain the show, watch it yourself. A fan captured the show in 3 parts and as observed below, the stage kept the fans energetic throughout the 2 hours.

This show is definitely not worth missing for electronic music fans. The lasers, creative visual patterns & 3D holograms continue to make the EPIC series one of its kinds.

Watch EPIC 5.0 below:

EPIC 5.0 – Part I

EPIC 5.0 – Part II

EPIC 5.0 – Part III

Video credits: Fred Klem

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