ZoukOut 2018 Review: “A single night of madness”

zoukout 2018 review

Arguably the best party of the year in our opinion.

Singapore’s annual beach party of the year, ZoukOut returned for the 18th time, reigning in the festive season and end of the year. The night of December 1st was probably the best party of the year in our opinion.

Here’s why…

There’s a common saying in Singapore, “December isn’t complete without ZoukOut” and that’s been quite true for some of us who’ve attended the festival year after year, relishing an overnight party like no other. If you love the beach and some really pumped up music, this is the place to be!

ZoukOut first started out in the year 2000 with a mere 8,000 party attendees and has now grown to 40,000 – 50,000 festival goers in the past few years. It remains Asia’s only dusk to dawn beach festival. Conceptualized to be reflective of the all-encompassing club experience that Zouk Singapore is known to offer, ZoukOut houses two distinctive stages, each catered for attendees to explore various dance genres ranging from commercial to underground including EDM, Trance, Techno, House and more.

Since its inception, ZoukOut has continuously brought in an A-list pool of international acts to helm the decks with legendary names. This year the decks were helmed by the likes of Galantis, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR, Jeffrey Sutorius (aka the former frontman of Dash Berlin), W&W and more!

The night started out quite early for us. Walking in around 10 we made our way through the festival grounds to check out all the additional fun activities the organizers and sponsors had set up for festival goers. We loved the concept of the stall set up by Lazada, where festivalgoers could head out to chill, get a touch up of their make-up and could re-juice their phone batteries.

zoukout 2018 review

Out here is the DBS Fresh Cove, complete with relaxing swing pods, mist flow, bubble machine and a whole lot of swag to give away.

For the first time in ages, ZoukOut was only gonna have one big stage – the main stage. Goodbye to the Sun and Moon stages (and goodbye to the two-day festival concept). The organizers had decided to pack in all they had into one single day. But hey, we weren’t complaining. It wasn’t long before midnight that the place was packed. Jeffrey Sutorius and W&W made sure the crowd was pumped up with hard-hitting tunes. Galantis came in at 2 am to perfectly chill out everyone. (We would have personally preferred to have Galantis play a sunrise set, but I guess that’s fine… maybe next time).

You’d think the party would start getting low by 3 am, but nope. Former World #1 DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike almost literally brought the thunder and lightning to pump up the crowd. They also decided to bring W&W on stage to drop their thumping tune ‘Crowd Control’. This is not the first time we are seeing fellow artists from the line-up joining the performing artist on stage. In 2016, we saw Martin Garrix bring on his friend Zedd on stage as well. Coincidentally, it also happened to be Like Mike’s birthday and his performing partner decided to get the crowd to sing for him and make it special. However, the highlight of the night was KSHMR’s 5:30 am set. We’ll be honest we were extremely tired by this point and KSHMR’s music was just perfect to give us that extra push to see the morning through. KSHMR decided to welcome the sunrise by dropping his smashing collaboration with Tiesto, “Secrets” and it literally gave us goosebumps.

The traditional ZoukOut closing act continued this year with the resident DJs, Nash D and DJ Ghetto powering the crowd through the morning.

A shout out to Zouk and Grab for collaborating to offer a free shuttle service for the festival attendees. This was a relief considering the fact that every year one had to break a bank to go back home.

So yea, we enjoyed ourselves and I’m sure if you attended the event so did you. As usual, ZoukOut did not fail to impress and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the year ahead, both at the club and next December’s festival event. At this point we’re super tired since we decided to write this out the morning itself, so goodnight (or morning) from our side and hope to see you guys around at more events and gigs near you!

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