What Are The Best Types Of Smartphone Headphones For Music Purists?

best smartphone headphones

Smartphones and music are the perfect match.

Whether you’re passing some time on a bus, settling in for a long-haul flight, or simply want to listen at home, smartphones make accessing your favorite tracks easier than ever. Sound quality varies wildly, though, and is mostly down to the type of headphone you pair with the phone.

Standard earphones

These are usually the first type of headphones that smartphone users have access to. They’ll often come bundled with the phone, be wired, and plastic. Earphones are useful because they’re cheap and easy to replace, but they produce the worst sound quality of the bunch. Tinny highs and insubstantial lows are just two of the problems. This type of listening kit isn’t anywhere near capable of reproducing a track’s required range or detail. They’re prone to getting tangled in your pocket, too. So if you take your music seriously, these entry model devices are best ditched quickly.

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a fairly new innovation, and they have a lot of advantages. They’re small and don’t come with any easily tangled cables. Pairing them with your phone is usually a simple process, and they operate across Bluetooth. Wireless earbuds differ in price from quite cheap to extremely expensive, and sound quality is scaled accordingly. Although this type of headphone is far superior to standard earphones, Bluetooth isn’t a reliable way to transmit music. The signal can weaken (causing buffering), and no matter how much money you spend, you’re likely to lose some quality as music is transmitted through the air.

Over-ear headphones

These are a music lover’s best friend. You won’t see many people wearing them on public transport, and they can be particularly difficult for glasses wearers, but over-ear headphones are the Holy Grail. They have a range of advantages. They provide full coverage and insulate your ears, minimizing sound bleed to nearly nothing. They’re much bigger, so they’re built to reproduce music the way it should be heard, with pristine highs, lows, and incredible detail. They’re also the headphones of choice in other areas of smartphone life, for example playing videogames or visiting an online casino like luckynuggetcasino.com. Over-ear headphones provide depth of sound and immersion, so you’ll be able to hear even the minutest drop of a roulette ball or the flip of a card.

USB-C headphones

These are the reserve of older phones that retain their audio jack, and they have a lot of similarities to standard earphones, but for one crucial difference. They’re usually of a substantially higher quality than the headphones that come bundled with your smartphone, and you can venture seriously high-end with models like HiFiMan. Wired headphones can deliver better, lossless quality music than their wireless counterparts, and USB-Cs are built with audiophiles in mind. So snap these headphones up while you still can. As more and more smartphones lose their audio port altogether, they will soon be a thing of the past.


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