What’s It Like To Be A Ghost Producer?

ghost producer meaning

“Why are there ghost producers who sell their tracks, instead of releasing them under their own name?” That’s the question we all ask ourselves when we first hear the term “ghost producer.”

It’s difficult to understand how someone can put all their effort and creativity in the hands of others, because an artist is normally connected to his work in a special way.

That is precisely why we have brought a ghost producer to tell us firsthand what it is like to be a ghost producer, and to put to rest all our doubts about the ghost production business.

So, let’s get to know the perspective of a ghost producer with more than 5 years of experience selling ghost produced tracks, through 6 direct and concise questions.

T.H.E – How did you start as a ghost producer?

Ghost Producer – Well, I was at a point where I already had a professional level producing music, but I couldn’t find a way to start making money with it. I tried selling type beats on YouTube, but the competition was bestial, and I honestly couldn’t sell a beat, which was very frustrating. So, I came across a page aimed at selling your music like a ghost producer
; they sell your music and take a small commission in return. I decided to try, and soon, I was making money doing what I liked. I never thought it would be this way, but somehow, I was fulfilling a dream, to live off the music.

T.H.E – Is it hard to get rid of your own creations this way?

Ghost Producer – Not really, at least in my case. I’ve always been very aware of how the music industry works, and I know perfectly well that it’s numbers that matter, even more than creativity and inspiration in songs. I know that, as a producer and without big label companies behind me, it is very difficult for my songs to reach the public.

Therefore, I try to take profit of my songs within my possibilities; this means to do it through ghost producing.

Obviously, my favorite songs are saved for me and I publish them under my own artist name, so the tracks I put on sale are discarded tracks, or that do not convince me to put them under my name, which makes it easy to get rid of these tracks. On the contrary, it is great to give out those files that are forgotten on your laptop.

T.H.E – Would you still be a ghost producer if you had more than enough money?

Ghost Producer – I’d say no. After all, it’s work, and work always becomes routine and hard, even with music! For example, as a ghost producer, I have to produce music that is always on-trend, which is fashionable, in order to get a lot of sales, which becomes routine, and in the end, you don’t enjoy the music as much as when you produce a style of music you like.

Also, when I receive a custom track order, it becomes stressful with the time deadlines, and even more if I take several orders at once—madness!

For all that, if I had a lot of money, I wouldn’t work in ghost production. Though I prefer this job, enjoying my hobby, without leaving my room and with my own schedule, over another type of work in an office or on the street and enduring a boss.

T.H.E – How to choose between so many ghost production websites?

Ghost Producer – In my case, I tried several, but definitely, EDMwarriors was on another level as a ghost production
platform, due to its technology and infrastructure. Unlike the other websites, the site is like a social network: you upload your tracks, set up your shop, offer services, and edit your own tracks (art covers, names of the songs, prices, etc.). Users can follow their favorite producers, rate your services…On the subject of security (which is very important in this business), they are very advanced…the system of signing contracts is automatic, easy, and online.

This puts it on a different level from the other services. In any case, there is a lot to offer, and each website has its pros and cons.

T.H.E – Is it easy to sell ghost produced tracks?

Ghost Producer – Well, on a website, there is a lot of competition from ghost produced tracks, there is a lot of level and quantity, but also the amount of sales is high. So, it’s relatively easy, although you have to work on it.

In order to sell, you have to upload a sufficient number of tracks for the statistics to play in your favor. For example, there are people who publish only one track for sale and never sell it and they get discouraged, but if you are sure you want to make money as a ghost producer, set a goal: for example, upload 3 tracks for sale every month. By statistics, in less than a year, 50% of your tracks will have been sold for sure (this statistic is official, offered by the site).

One important thing is to know how to value relatively the price of your productions. So, don’t overestimate or underestimate your songs in relation to the price (since this is your choice). If your songs are expensive, the sound of your track has to be well above average; you have to keep this in mind if you want to sell fast.

T.H.E – Would you like to have a musical career as an artist?

Ghost Producer – Of course, I keep trying it, while I continue with my plan B: ghost production and improving my studio to offer production services, mixing and mastering.

T.H.E – Well, we definitely have a clearer perspective on ghost production now, and thanks to you we now understand a little more about this industry. We wish you luck in your sales, and hope someday you will have a successful career as an artist.

Ghost Producer – Thank you!


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