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32 stitches interview

It’s 2:45 pm (PST), I’m watching The Office (again), it’s very hot in my room (my AC broke), and guess what, baby – I have another interview for you.

That’s what I do – the interview part, that is; all types of them. This is my first post for T.H.E Music Essentials, but I’ve been around for a bit of time now. My name is Exhibit, and I’d like to present you with another episode of what I call “Exhibit&Friends” – an interview series conducted over the internet. For this episode, we are featuring the DJ and electronic musician, all the way from Mumbai, 32Stitches. So, let’s get this started with how I always start my interviews: The lights are dimmed and the candles are lit. It’s time for another episode of Exhibit&Friends.

So, who is 32Stitches? Well, I just said he’s an electronic musician and DJ, but there’s more. Something about his music takes me back to when I was a hardcore EDM fan – maybe it’s in the drops. But there’s also something about that spacey, mysterious production that attracted me in the first place. It’s great dance music – more than enough to get you off your feet and moving. As a matter of fact, more than enough for many people to get off their feet and start moving. 32Stitches has rocked stages all over the world and has marked numerous milestones. This includes reaching the #1 spot on India’s electronic music charts and performing at Run The Trap’s showcase.

Talking to the man himself was a treat. He’s just a chill dude making beats. I guess I’m only partially kidding, because, before the DJ lifestyle, 32Stitches was a businessman. I believe what molded 32Stitches into the successful artist he is today is his drive, which radiates. The guy decided to believe in himself, kept hustling at his passion, and built a successful career out of it. He has also continuously taken his sound to the next level in ways where other artists may have fallen short. Even if you dislike his music, which is kinda crazy, you have to respect the hustle. He made it.

Ok, you’re probably tired of reading, and I’m tired of typing. How about we just watch the interview instead? Audiobooks are the future now, anyways. But first, let me drop the socials…

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