T.H.E Interview – Berlon

Berlon Living It Up

Introducing Berlon, as they touch down with their debut single ‘Living It Up’ ft. Helen Webster.

Comprising Adam Graham & Willy Washington – with a background in radio Adam’s previous records have been signed to the likes of Slip-n-Slide & Ministry of Sound. Willy’s illustrious career has seen him penning songs for Mood II Swing, Michelle Weeks, My Digital Enemy, Ben Remember & Ultra Naté. We caught up with the duo on their collaboration & how a timeless house sound fits into the musical agenda of their imprint Knoziz Recordings.

T.H.E – Thanks for joining us today, Berlon! How’s your summer been guys? 

Willy – My summer was really cool. I went to London after not being there for 2 years and we had great weather. I got see a lot of old friends and I spent a couple of days in the studio with Helen & Adam in Shoreditch. We did ‘Living it up’ which was great fun. It was great for everyone to be in space at the same time. Normally, Adam and I are doing things over the internet and sending files back and forth, So, to be in the same place at once was way cool.

Adam – I had a great summer, thanks. It feels like it has come to an abrupt end here in England. Let’s hope the weather picks up again. If not, perhaps our tune can bring a little sunshine into people’s lives and remind them of partying the night away on holiday.

T.H.E – We’re here to chat about your new single ‘Living It Up’, before that let’s take things back a bit. When did you first both meet? 

Willy –  We’ve been trying to remember where we actually met. We know that our mutual friend Rob Acteson actually introduced us, but we can’t remember where. It could have been at a party Tim Strudwick was throwing at The Floatworks or at some other party that Rob threw. But we know it was through Rob about 17 or 18 years ago. I think Adam was running an internet radio station at the time and I was having a bit of success with a few releases on Estereo Records out of Brighton.

Adam – Yeah, that period of time is all a bit hazy! But we know it’s through Rob. We stayed in touch over the years and threw bits of music at one another, occasionally. It turns out, we make quite a good writing and production team.

T.H.E – Where does the name Berlon come from & does it have any significant meaning? 

Adam – Willy is based in Berlin and I am based in London. So, we put the two words together to make Berlon. Simple as that.

T.H.E – Moving onto your sundrenched single ‘Living It Up’ – massive feel-good vibes! How long was the track in planning & production? 

Adam – ‘Living it up’ actually started out life as a completely different track. I had been working on a cut-up disco loop which I sent to Willy. We wrote a whole song to it, which is really strong. However, when I went back to the studio to work on it, I had an idea which took the track in a different direction. The vocals we had written no longer worked. So, I sent the new track over to Willy and he wrote a new top-line for it and threw it back to me to do the lyrics. This process happened very quickly. Before we knew it, Living it up was born!

Willy – We wanted to do something for the summer that people would want to hear when they were out for the night. Just having fun and a good time.

Adam – And the original disco tune isn’t going to waste either. We are in the process of finishing that off and looking forward to releasing it soon!

T.H.E – Tell us about Knoziz Recording, are you both involved with the label? 

Willy – Yes, we are both involved in the label, 50/50.  I approached Adam about doing a label together because I wanted to release some of the numerous songs I had stockpiled over the past 20 years of working in the music business.

Adam – I wanted to get back into music again after having taken a break to focus on family and career. I’ve spent most of my working life running marketing agencies. So, that experience should be quite useful.

T.H.E – Are you planning on releasing any remixes for ‘Living It Up’? 

Adam – We are not sure yet. I think it would be a good one to do more mixes of. But for now, we hope people like the original mixes.

T.H.E – Describe your signature sound to us, in three words?  

Adam – this is a tricky one to answer. We think it would difficult to come up with something that doesn’t sound cliché or just wrong. Our sound is evolving all the time. So, I suppose – “watch this space”.

T.H.E – And lastly, what’s next for Berlon & is there a follow-up single already in production? 

Adam –  Yes, Berlon have a few tracks in production and we are working with Helen again. The follow up could well be the disco track that I referred to earlier.

Willy –  And from the label, we have loads of good stuff coming down the pipeline. For starters, there are singles from Gary Adams, Gerideau, Jazmina, Tasha Spencer and more. Exciting times!


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