Forbidden Society Is Back For 2024

forbidden society interview

Forbidden Society is a vanguard of electronic music innovation, based out of Czechia, and who now proudly announces the launch of their latest sonic masterpiece, the ‘Refuse’ EP.

A testament to artistic fearlessness and exploration, this six-track EP is set to once again redefine the producer’s sound, showcasing Forbidden Society’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards within the electronic music genre, following his releases on Noisia’s VISION imprint.

To celebrate, we caught up with Forbidden Society following its release. He talks us through sub genres, playing out live and what he has planned for 2024.

T.H.E – Hi Forbidden Society, thanks for speaking to us! You’re an artist who deeply explores his sound, dipping into various genres over the years. How have you continued this in your new EP?

Forbidden Society – Hello! It is a pleasure. Well for the new EP I was aiming for a kind of crossbreed between my old and new sound. The whole EP is a bit ‘heavier’ than my previous work, well from the past 5 years I would say. I was feeling like ok, let’s do something a bit heavier, this overall mood is on this ‘Refused’ EP, except one track which is more like a moody and emotional one.

T.H.E – Is there a particular sub-genre of electronic music you prefer producing? What sub-genre are you most inspired to produce right now?

Forbidden Society – To be honest with you I love 140 at the moment so much. I have loads of tunes finished, they are all overall a heavier / darker style of this genre and I love to play those out too. It is interesting to put out DNB elements in a track that have a slower tempo, I really love that. Besides this I am working also on some Garage and Techno stuff. Lately more of these kind of styles then actual Drum and Bass.

T.H.E – How do you feel each sub-genre fits in different club spaces? Do you have any recent examples of this?

Forbidden Society – Well I would say this is based on where the club space is. For instance I am coming from the Czech Republic, and here overall the main genre is Neurofunk and Mainstream. There are few places where you can play Deep Drum and Bass and even 140 but you can count those spaces on one hand. I am kind of trying to change that with my label nights, always inviting someone from the Deep side of DNB and mostly from the 1985 Music gang, as I love their sound so much. And lately I need to say people start slowly recognising here that there is also a good and interesting Drum and Bass music besides the Neurofunk style. But it’s a slow process and for years and years there has been in the Czech Republic Neurofunk as the primary sun genre. Don’t get me wrong I love the heavy stuff I was started on that, but personally I think there are some really good producers that should have the chance to perform in CZ more often or even for the first time.

This is for CZ I would say, for instance the UK way round. The heavier stuff is not really the no.1 but the deeper and 140 stuff is more in.

So generally speaking I would say it’s where the club space is based on.

T.H.E – You’ve played at some huge festivals throughout the entirety of your career – what do you have coming up this year? Both for releases and across live events?

I have done some really nice events that’s right, there are definitely some that stick in my mind, like Netherlands, Japan, Vienna, Paris, Let It Roll, Beats For Love, Bogota, well all of them were nice, I enjoy every gig, well sometimes you are just tired or you have some personal things to deal with so it’s a bit affected by this but overall I just love to play music out.

For the events for this year, bookings are slowly coming, I have planned events until December 2024 but sure there are a few places left, so if anyone is interested hit me up here: [email protected]

There is Austria, France, Slovakia, Netherlands and most of the bookings are in Czech Republic like Let It Roll Summer 2024 and Beats For Love 2024.

For releases I just put this 6 track EP together, then I have signed a track on a VA compilation, I have a big project ready that will come out in May / June, I have ready a remix for one label, then on my own label I have ready a big 140 bpm EP, and DNB singles. So yeah last year I was preparing all of this and this year I will be definitely more active in releasing music. Plus working all the time on new music.

Besides all this I am working for my clothing brand – Forbidden Wear for new collections, one just came out that is actually connected to my ‘Refused’ EP , deffo check those designs out:


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