T.H.E – Interview – Hellove

hellove interview

Hellove and Zack Gray are back once again this month with a follow-up to hit single ‘Off The Edge’ in the form of its official music video.

We caught up with Hellove to learn more about how “Off The Edge” came about, his plans for 2021, working with Zack Gray and more.

Pavan – Hey Hellove, welcome to this edition of THE Interviews and we’re excited to talk to you! How are things? How have the last few months been for you?

Hellove – Hey! Thank you for having me. Last few months have been great. The summer is sizzling hot in Estonia. Writing a lot of new music and going on adventures with the gang. Loving it!

Pavan – You took off big time in the year 2020 – did the pandemic have an effect on you? Did your musical journey have an impact because of it?

Hellove – Definitely. As I work part time in an advertising agency… In the beginning of the pandemic there was less work to do because clients took a couple of months off from our services.

During that time inspiration really hit me. I was glad that I had so much extra time to contribute to music

Pavan – How did the track “Off The Edge” happen? Tell us more.

Hellove – It was a hot summer day in July last year when we stumbled upon this emotion. We immediately knew that the instrumental had a very dark meaning to it. When we sent it to Zack we both knew that this emotion would describe the hardships we have had in our lives…. And so it became to be.

Pavan – Working and collaborating with Zack Gray must have been an experience too. Tell us about Zack and how you both worked together.

Hellove – When I first heard some of the songs Zack Gray has written on I was blown away. There are very few people who can sing so deeply and also bring a strong powerful chorus to the table. It was cool to work with him because we set up writing sessions over Zoom and everything was so transparent in the process. Sometimes it’s difficult to collaborate over the internet because everyone has different styles but Zack was well accompanied to it.

Pavan – In these times when the pandemic is playing havoc, it’s very inspiring of you to start a campaign around mental health. What inspired you?

Hellove – I guess the song brought up the past emotions… There was still something left to process. I just would have loved to see something similar back when I was struggling in my own mind. For me there is something beautiful about seeing artists talk about their art and convey a thoughtful message for the perceiver.

Pavan – What do you have in store for the rest of 2021?

Hellove – I’ve recently started writing more songs with instrumental sections so that it would fit nicely into a DJ set. Can’t wait for all the new music to come!


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