T.H.E Interview – Henry Fong

henry fong interview

Established talent Henry Fong and San Diego-based DJ/production duo FOMO linked up for their latest single ‘Bust It’.

We caught up with Henry Fong to learn more about how ‘Bust It’ came about, favourite records at the moment, and more.

Varun – Hey Henry, thanks for taking time out for this interview! How has the past year been for you?

Henry Fong – Been extremely difficult as a touring musician but at the same time really learned a lot about myself and learned tons of new skills, so I feel like I came out of it stronger!

Varun – You’ve had an emphatic career trajectory with some of the biggest dance music records over the last decade! Can you tell us more about how you’ve progressed as an artist and person? Is there something you wished you had done differently early on in your career, as you look back today?

Henry Fong – I just love pushing the envelope with the harder club music and keep reinventing the club sound in new ways over the years to keep it fresh, that’s why I started doing this and I’ll keep trying to do so! Recently stumbled on this 150bpm house sound with my song Rave Tool and that sort of triggered a new little sub genre within the club music which is fun! Looking back on my career I really wish I would have worked on music more before I came into the spotlight, I was only producing for about 2 years and didnt have too much time to really develop my early sound

Varun – Given the unfortunate pandemic at the moment, event curators and promoters are constantly working to evolving the live music space. How do you think the pandemic has impacted artists, including yourself, in terms of creative processes or taking different approaches with their music?

Henry Fong – Given the online streaming domination at the moment, do you think it affects the approach to the kind of tracks that you propose to work on? Yeah I think this all definitely had an affect on the music that came out, and artists shifted a bit more listening friendly during pandemic and then groovier house and tech house had a big explosion because it’s a bit easier to listen to in every day settings i think. I do think the harder music will make more of a come back though as everything keeps reopening. I definitely found myself gravitating to a bit more of a housey sound in my sets after!

Varun – We’d like to congratulate you on your new release ‘Bust It’ alongside Fomo! Can you tell us more about the creative process behind the track and how the collaboration came about?

Henry Fong – Yeah I love the FOMO guys sound design from their xlnt sample packs. So I laid out a cool 150bpm speed house idea and sent it back to them and then they really lit it up with their insane sound design!

Varun – Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the various styles of music you’ve dabbled with, not only in the dance music space but also with genres such as reggae and dancehall.

Henry Fong – Well I grew up in South Florida, so a lot of the caribbean/latin sounds were present and on the radio when I was growing up in high school. So a lot of that inspiration naturally went into the music I make. Even in my dance stuff, Im always using reggae/dancehall sounds and samples and collaborating with vocalists!

Varun – Can you tell us one artist you would like to collaborate with outside the dance music space?

Henry Fong – Would absolutely love to work Sean Paul!

Varun – What advice would you give upcoming musicians/DJs trying to make a career in dance music, that you wish you had known when you started out?

Henry Fong – There’s been a big shift the last few years to branding and marketing, so you have to really be a jack of all trades these days and be great at music production and equally great at marketing yourself.

Varun – Can you tell us the top 3 records on your playlist that have been on repeat, most recently?

Henry Fong – For just jamming out anywhere: Beam – Maad Gal, SHY FX – Raggamuffin mixtape, Skrillex josh pan Noisia – Supersonic

Varun – What’s next for Henry Fong in terms of new music and releases?

Henry Fong – Just absolutely unloading all the music I’ve made the last year!!! Got some big ravey records ready.


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