T.H.E Interview – HIIDRA

hiidra interview

Italian Tech House/House music producer HIIDRA talks to us about hitting a million streams on “Get Me Now”, musical influences and more.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. We’re almost towards the end of this year, how was this year for you?

HIIDRA – Hello, it is a pleasure to answer your questions. I would say that this has been a fundamental year for the growth of my artistic profile. We did several songs and contents (radioshows, takeover, videos) via 2Dutch and Me and my team are very happy about it.
Looking forward to 2023!

Aditya – You’ve just hit million streams on your track ‘Get Me Now’, how does that feel?

HIIDRA – WOW! INCREDIBLE!!! This is what I thought when I’ve read 1 Million under my song title, hopefully we’ll continue on this path.

Aditya – You’ve have quite an extensive discography, which is your favorite track and why?

HIIDRA – I love all my songs because each of them have given me something, but if I have to choose a record I choose “ID808”! Why? Well I think it represents me a lot, like I’am, this record is full of positive energy.

Aditya – You’re an up-and-coming artist from Italy, could you describe your journey as an artist?

HIIDRA – The passion for music has always been present in my life, but unfortunately for purely economic reasons I have never been able to work on it properly. Luckly in 2020 I managed to settle down economically and so I FINALLY decided to start my music journey! I hope this trip will be full of emotions like it was until now and always looking to meet new beautiful people to share my passion with them.

Aditya – What are your influences and why?

HIIDRA – I really like “Tech House” sound and “Bass House” energy, at the moment I’m trying to make something good to be played in the clubs or festivals. In the meantime I’m trying to create my own style!

Aditya – Your tracks are supported by industry giants like R3HAB, Showtek, Benny Benassi, and more. How do you feel about that?

HIIDRA – Receiving supports from other DJs is always very gratifying, whether it’s an emergency or a big one, for me the emotion is almost always the same because I’ve managed to transmit something (through my music) to another person… and bringing them to include my tracks in their dj-sets.

Aditya – How would you describe your music?

HIIDRA – At the moment I consider my music very similar to many others! Over time my objective is to create a HIIDRA STYLE! hehehe.

Aditya – What’s on your pipeline for 2023?

HIIDRA – I have many things in mind, many goals and some changes to do to my project. Unfortunately I don’t like spoilers but I can tell you that I am very determined to end a great 2023!!!!

Aditya – What’s your studio setup like?

HIIDRA – How Cristian Gray created my own playroom hahahah. Seriously, I’ve tried to create an environment that makes me feel at ease in order to be as creative as possible. But not only that, I also printed, framed and finally hung ALL my results (big or small) so far, so that I can remind myself every day that commitment always pays off!

Aditya – Lastly, Star Wars or Star Trek?

HIIDRA – With the power of the force I answer you STAR WARS!!!


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