The Artistic Evolution of HOVR: From Classical Pianist to Electronic Music Maestro

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In the dynamic world of electronic music, few artists have a story as intriguing as HOVR.

Their journey from a classical piano background to a renowned DJ and producer is not just a tale of talent but also of serendipity and passion. As we sat down for an interview, HOVR shared insights into their artistic evolution, unique approach to music, and aspirations for the future.

From Piano Keys to Turntables

HOVR’s musical journey began in the tranquility of the German countryside, where they were classically trained in piano. However, it was the move to Berlin, initially to study communications, that set them on an unexpected path. “I started performing on small stages, singing original songs and covers in front of very small audiences,” they recall. It wasn’t until they delved into electronic music and began organizing student parties that their career took a turn. “I got discovered by the right person and slowly moved my way up the ladder,” HOVR says, highlighting the gradual ascent of their career.

Blending Genres: A Creative Impulse

When asked about their inspiration to mix genres like disco, acid-house, and techno, HOVR’s answer is simple: “I get bored quickly.” This restlessness fuels their creativity, leading him to blend various electronic genres in a single set. “I love starting mellow and then working my way up,” they explain, emphasizing their preference for longer sets that allow for this progression.

Burning Man: A Turning Point

HOVR’s performance on the Maxa art car at Burning Man 2023 was a career-defining moment. “I was highly emotional,” they share, “Playing right after Carlita and exploring different sounds for two hours.” This experience not only heightened their emotional connection with their audience but also expanded their musical perspective.

The Recent EP: A Reflection of Diversity

HOVR’s recent EP, featuring tracks like ‘Do You Want Some Acid’ and ‘My Warrior,’ showcases their versatility. “Having them on one EP felt wonderful,” they say. The EP’s success on Spotify’s Electronic Rising playlist is attributed to their risk-taking production style and the uniqueness of their tracks.

Collaborations and Remixes: Expanding Horizons

Collaborations have played a significant role in HOVR’s career. They speak fondly of their interactions with artists like Tâches and Niconé, appreciating the new perspectives they bring to their work. Recounting their connection with Tâches, they say, “After tagging him in a post, we started writing on Instagram, and eventually, I visited him in Los Angeles for some music jamming.”

Success on Beatport: A Mark of Recognition

HOVR attributes their success on Beatport to working with experienced labels. “Both times I’ve been in the charts, it was rather big labels releasing them,” they note. This recognition has positively influenced their career, opening up new opportunities.

Upcoming Release on ‘This Never Happened’

Their upcoming release on ‘This Never Happened’ is something HOVR is particularly proud of. “It’s honest,” they say about the track ‘Holy’, which includes a poem about things sacred to them. This project reflects their evolution as an artist, bridging the gap between dancefloor and headphone music.

Performing in Iconic Berlin Clubs

Regular performances in clubs like Sisyphos and Kater Blau have significantly influenced HOVR’s music and connection with their audience. They recall a memorable encounter after a set at Kater Blau, where they were approached by a tech company founder, leading to a performance at their birthday party and subsequent opportunities in Australia and the US.

Teaching the Masterclass: A New Perspective

HOVR is excited about their first public teaching role at the Berlin Dance Music Event. They plan to share their agile, result-focused approach to music production. “I believe in a more intuitive approach to music,” they state, contrasting it with the rigid discipline of classical music education.

Personal Reflections and Future Aspirations

Reflecting on their career, HOVR considers their performance at Burning Man as their proudest moment. Looking forward, they aspire to continue making music and hopes for further growth. “I’m on a mission to bring the feeling of togetherness of dancefloors to more places around the world,” they conclude with determination.

HOVR’s journey from a classical pianist to an electronic music virtuoso is a testament to the power of passion and the unexpected paths it can lead us down. Their story is not just about music; it’s about embracing change, exploring new horizons, and finding one’s unique voice in a world of rhythms and beats.

Connect with HOVR here.

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