T.H.E Interview – Amba Shepherd


From Tomorrowland to Ultra to EDC you’ve heard Amba Shepherd’s vocals grace the sovereign main stage of every major dance music festival across the globe.

Whilst her current singles ‘Guilty As Sin’ with Will Sparks and ‘Love Escape’ with dance music icon Paul Oakenfold are still going strong, Amba Shepherd recently dropped yet another amazing single ‘Fall’.

In an exclusive interview with Amba Shepherd, we managed to get a lowdown on her new single, and also got her to reveal her three favourite festivals.

T.H.E – Hey Amba! What are you up to this summer season?

Amba Shepherd – Hi guys! I am recently back from 6 weeks in Europe (Ibiza & London).  Summer in Europe was AWESOME! I did a studio trip so I was working on all new material, seeking new inspiration, and a practicing new vocal technique programme to keep my voice in check.  London is such an incredibly beautiful and inspiring city, the creativity there is the next level.

T.H.E – We’re loving the vibe that your new single ‘Fall’ brings to the listeners. How did it come about? What is the message that you intend with the song?

Amba Shepherd – Thanks!  I first heard ‘Fall’ in Miami (WMC 2013) in between gigs and meetings in a store, I hadn’t heard the new Presets album yet but as soon as I heard their single ‘Fall’ I was totally transfixed by this song.  Ever since it was just one of those songs I could not shake!! I love it. And so, I had to record it.  After recording the vocal I buzzed one of my dearest producer friends Nick Thayer and said how about this shall we make this something for real? And so, we did!

T.H.E – You have collaborated with Will Sparks on ‘Guilty As Sin’, and ‘Love Escape’ with Paul Oakenfold. What is the thought process you deploy while choosing an artist to collaborate with?

Amba Shepherd – There has to be a strong creative connection for me, and at this point in my career, it’s a priority to work with people I like & respect as people, who are gracious and respectful about the creative process and collaborating.

T.H.E – Going back a few years, arguably the biggest collaboration you have ever conducted is ‘Apollo’ with Hardwell. How was it working with him?

hardwell amba shepherd apollo

Amba Shepherd – Apollo was a life-changing record for me in so many ways.  The creative process, however, was nothing out of the ordinary for me, Hardwell sent me a snippet of the track and I wrote the vocal part, the melody, and the lyrics, over the break. I recorded the vocal from my studio in Sydney and Hardwell I believe mixed and mastered the final.

T.H.E – We have reached the mid-point of the year, how has it been for you so far and what can we expect in the remaining months of 2018, release wise?

Amba Shepherd – 2018 feels so great! This Friday, Aug 10, the remixes for Fall are coming out!  Super excited for these by M4SONIC, KØBA & Signal. End of August my next single Body Language comes out!

T.H.E – The last question, you have performed at so many famous global festivals. Which three would you say are your favourites?

Amba Shepherd – Future Music Festival in Sydney was one of my all-time favourites – performing to my hometown about 50,000 at the main stage and everyone singing along with me was absolutely incredible!

T.H.E – Thanks, Amba. Wish you the very best with the release of ‘Fall’! 

Amba Shepherd – Thanks, you guys! XXX

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