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fivsta interview

The Dirty Code consisting of Sahil Joshi and Urvil Shah was one of the finest DJ/ Producer duos in the country until a year back when they decided to part ways and put a stop to The Dirty Code initiative. While the duo had received massive support from some of the world’s biggest DJs, opportunities were few and far between in their own country, something which proved to be a big reason why the duo had to focus on their individual lives. While Urvil got into CMU and has proven to be quite focused on it, Sahil attempted a crack at Law but could never truly stay away from music. Having spent a few months learning law, it was quite evident that music remains to be his true calling, and he can never truly give it up. Amid rumours, Sahil Joshi makes his highly anticipated comeback to the electronic music scene as a solo artist – FIVSTA, and it’s safe to say that this move has been welcomed by his ardent friends and fans, built throughout the time he’s been a music producer.

We caught up with FIVSTA and spoke to him about how this comeback came along, and what are his plans going forward.

T.H.E – Hey man! How’s it going?

FIVSTA – Hey, it’s going well. Busy planning a lot of exciting projects!

T.H.E – It’s been a long time since The Dirty Code came to an end. What have you been up to since then?

FIVSTA – Yes, indeed it has been a long time. Though on paper it has been a year, it feels like a long, long time ago. Initially, I didn’t think I would come back to music, but once you’ve been an artist, then every day you question yourself, if not art, what then? I always opened my laptop and I didn’t see an endgame, until earlier this year, I had a revelation that I have been in music for over 12 years, that’s almost half my lifetime, and I had to come back. This time around I wanted to do it for myself, for my own peace of my mind, not for the world, not bound by any particular style. Hence, FIVSTA is not relating to any particular genre of music, but it’s music without any boundaries. It is not about shows, gigs, or artist support or labels, touring. It’s just my take on good, interesting music and concepts that excite me.

T.H.E – There were rumours about your comeback to the scene for quite some time. What finally convinced you to take a plunge again?

FIVSTA – I haven’t heard any rumours as such, though I was producing music, there was no such plan of plunging back into the scene until one day I thought – why not?!

T.H.E – Why the alias – FIVSTA? What does it signify?

FIVSTA – A lot of names came to me, and I was thinking out loud with a friend regarding a new name. We wanted something that represented me and my life, and hence we touched the facets upon which my life is based, namely the 5 highlights/stars of my life – a lot of people do not know that I am an engineer and have worked with an IT firm, I manage my own family business as well. Furthermore, I am in the final year of Law and will be a lawyer soon as well. Of course, I am into music and always working on that, and finally, I run a record label and am always coaching new artists and mentoring them by way of providing support in any way I can. I also undertake life-coaching for folks who need help in figuring things out. Hence the name FIVSTA – five stars.

T.H.E – Is your comeback complete with the release of ‘Good Time’ with Paranox? How long has it been in the works?

FIVSTA – No, my comeback has just begun. I have a few other tracks in the pipeline which are from different genres. Hence, until I don’t release 4-5 tracks, I can’t say my comeback is complete, because what I really want, is to show my versatility as a producer through an array of releases and styles, and I want people to start seeing me as FIVSTA and no longer as the old DJ Sahil Joshi or one half of The Dirty Code. And, to answer your second question, Good Time has been in the works since early 2018, but I finally decided to make it my first release only last month!

T.H.E – Finally, what is the plan for FIVSTA going forward?

FIVSTA – I have an array of interesting projects lined up, and I plan to release them on a monthly basis. The music will be available to audiences not only via all major streaming platforms but we have also planned to release a music video on the FIVSTA YouTube Page for every track.

T.H.E – Thanks Sahil! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

FIVSTA – Thanks, Akshay!! Nice speaking to you too! Can’t wait to share some new music!

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