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Previously supported by the late Avicii & EDM heavyweights Don Diablo, Tiesto & Fedde Le Grand, Maxim Schunk is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene & now drops his new single ‘Light Up’ on global promo.

After dominating the Spotify charts earlier this year and gathering over 2 million streams with ‘My Name’, a collaboration between Raven & Kreyn featuring vocals of renowned sing-songwriter BISHØP, Schunk is ready to reign the charts once again with ‘Light Up’ – on Berlin-based Embassey One (Robyn, Booka Shade, Monolink).

Catch our chat with Maxim as we discuss his latest single, and loads more.

T.H.E – Hey Maxim! Welcome to T.H.E Music Essentials. How’s your summer been? 

Maxim Schunk – First of all, thanks so much for having me. My summer has been great, thanks for asking. I released my second solo single ‘Light Up’ and we produced the video in Bangkok, an amazing, colourful and inspiring city. I also took some time off and traveled to Tel Aviv to relax and explore the city.  So, a very exciting and diversified summer.

T.H.E – Congratulations on your new single ‘Light Up’, what is the message you want the song & lyrics to deliver to your audience?

Maxim Schunk – Thank you, I am very proud of this single as it is kind of personal for me. ‘Light Up’ is about freedom and about letting go. It should encourage the audience to break out of old patterns, to try out new things and to just live the life they want to live. It’s a feel-good song that also has a deeper meaning. People are often too afraid to leave their comfort zone but once you are brave enough and go for it you can discover that there is so much more to life and that the whole world around you can change into something you didn’t expect. So just ‘Light Up’ and enjoy your life.

T.H.E – What inspired you to get into electronic music production & which artists have influenced you along the way?

Maxim Schunk – I have always been a very musical person. I started playing the piano when I was a little child and was really into hip hop and rap music when growing up. However, I always felt drawn to electronic music. The way you can create a whole new sound by playing around with different styles and just feel the song’s vibe, always had some sort of effect on me. I think I was mainly inspired by Timmy Trumpet and DVBBS when growing up. I appreciate the fact that electronic music can be by your side whenever you feel it – either a smooth electronic chill-out sound or a harder EDM sound – it’s this huge variety that makes electronic music so special and what kind of got me into it.

T.H.E – Your previous release ‘My Name’ has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify, how does that feel to have such a well-received track? 

Maxim Schunk – I feel so blessed and honoured, it is so much more than I had hoped for. I felt that ‘My Name’ was just the right track to start my solo career with. The title has a symbolic meaning for me as an artist and I really loved working with the amazing BISHØP and Raven & Kreyn on this track. It gives me energy and the determination to continue with what I am doing.

T.H.E – What kind of initiatives do you take, to ensure that you constantly push the boundaries of music production?

Maxim Schunk – I strongly believe in the power of rituals. When I am working in the studio I always start my sessions by playing the piano – it kind of gets me into the right mood to produce. I can spend hours trying out new electronic rhythms and beats by using diverse techniques. I feel that inspiration and determination are crucial in order to push yourself but I am also aware of the fact that I sometimes need time for myself in order to clear my mind. I think balance is key. I like to travel a lot and look for all sorts of inspiration that I can then use in the studio. Once I am in the studio I am in my own world and forget everything else, but in the end I just need to feel the song’s vibe – it’s the vibe that pushes me while I produce.

T.H.E – If you could work with any other artists, who would they be & why? 

Maxim Schunk – My favourite collaboration would be with DVBBS. I am a huge fan of their music and the way they inspire the whole scene. Their sound is unique and I believe that it would really match my music.

T.H.E – 2018 is coming to an end, what are some of your top highlights this year?

Maxim Schunk – 2018 has been an amazing year for me so far. I am so proud that I started my solo career and that I worked with all these incredible people – at this point a huge thanks to everyone that supported me throughout the year. ‘My Name’ and ‘Light Up’ were just the beginning, we produced and are currently producing some more incredible tracks that I just can’t wait to share with you guys. Also, the video productions in Bangkok and Rio were some of my top highlights, as I have never travelled to these destinations before. I am very curious and open-minded and really look forward to all the new things to come.

T.H.E – Lastly, name three artists you feel are transforming the electronic music scene right now? 

Maxim Schunk – Timmy Trumpet, DVBBS, and KSHMR


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