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will k

With a clearly outstanding musical-knack, WILL K’s demeanor and work ethic exceeds those beyond his youthful years. Having released on some of the biggest music labels out there like Armada, Protocol, Size, WILL K has gained support from some of dance music’s biggest icons like Hardwell, Steve Angello and more.

With word quickly spreading about WILL K’s ever-growing talent, we felt it right to get in touch with the Australian electro don, and speak to him about collaborations and life beyond dance music. Have a read!

T.H.E – Hey Will! Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. How’s it going?

WILL K – Hey guys! No worries thanks for having me. Things are really well at the moment. I just recently came back over to England for the year which is exciting. I found a moved into a new place as well next to the beach too, so it’s great for inspiration when it comes to writing music in the studio!

T.H.E – Congratulations on the release of ‘Kumasi’, your collaboration with Sebjak. How did it come about? How have your fans reacted to it?

WILL K – I started to speak with Seb a lot and we sent ideas back and forth to each other all the time. He sent me a break idea he was working on and I loved the feel of it. It reminded me of his track “GODS” with Steve Angello and AN21. So I pitched his whole break to a drop I was writing, it has this cool vocal loop and some nice drums in the back. Not long after we finished the track, Steve premiered it on BBC Radio 1, so we knew working together was a good thing. Ever since the premiere, a lot of our fans have been waiting patiently for the track to finally come out, and couldn’t be happier it’s out now for everyone to enjoy!

T.H.E – 2017 has already seen plenty of collaborations for you, like ‘RIU’ with Corey James, ‘Saxo’ with Thomas Newson, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Kumasi’ with Sebjak. How different and productive is a collaborative effort compared to a solo release?

WILL K – It’s always different with every track I write in the studio. Most of the time I start on a drop and know instantly the direction I want to take the whole track, and I can wrap it up within a few days. But it’s not like this all the time, sometimes you write a sick idea & you get lost with it hearing it too much. In this case collabs are great as you have another producer doing his own thing on it, and it’s a lot better for the creative process that way!

T.H.E – We heard that you have recently signed a record to Sebastian Ingrosso’s ‘Refune’ imprint? Could you tell us more about that?

WILL K – Well while I was back in Melbourne I met up with my good friend Jebu. We were just playing around in the studio and wrote this fresh idea in a few hours, we managed to finish the track in 2 days, and a few days later Alesso played it MainStage @ Ultra. Once we found out the news, I freaked out like a little girl. Knowing the big legends in the industry wanting to sign your music makes you feel like you can do anything!

T.H.E – Let’s talk about life beyond dance music now. What is life for Will K when you’re not touring or in the studio?

WILL K – I can say I’m a family man. I love to be with my family, and now that I’m not living at home in Australia it’s a bit hard. But most of the time I am rather on the phone talking to them, or chilling with my roommates finding something to do. I wouldn’t really say my life is very interesting without music, if I’m not writing I’m always listening to new music!

T.H.E – Your favourite hobbies?

WILL K – One hobby I absolutely love to do which I don’t do enough is to go fishing. I absolutely love being in the middle of the ocean, cast a fishing line out and just sit there for hours in peace waiting for a bite. I know I sound crazy, but I used to go with my dad when I was younger and it was something we shared together. Besides that I love to play soccer, but once again I don’t really play often! Haha

T.H.E – If you have to become a superhero, which one would it be and why?

WILL K – The Incredible Hulk purely just for the sake of being INTENSELY strong and ruthless!

T.H.E – Your favourite social media platform and why?

WILL K – Instagram without a doubt. I love being able to post my daily photos of what I’m up to without writing much. I didn’t do very well in school when it comes to English, so keeping people updated with my daily cooking adventures surprisingly entertains them!

Stay in touch with WILL K, via his Facebook page.


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