T.H.E Interview – Jacob Groening

jacob interview

The Berlin-based artist, Jacob Groening talks about his upcoming India tour, his upcoming EP, and more.

Aditya – Hey Jacob, Glad to have you for the interview. How were the first couple of months of this year for you?

Jacob – Actually I was working on new music, I decided to stay in Berlin and spent time finishing projects in the studio.

I really enjoyed hibernating to finish an ep and to start working on my first album.

Aditya – You told us about a tour in India, when are you coming?

Jacob – Yes I am very happy to come at the end of May to play a Tour of 3 shows in India, Delhi and Pune are confirmed at this point.

Aditya – When was the last time you visited India and why?

Jacob – I was playing a show in Gwalior in a beautiful palace in December last year. Before I spent some time In Varanasi, with a friend we went by train to Gwalior and it was a magical ride. India is so inspiring and colorful. I am ready to come back.

Aditya – How often have you been to India and did it inspire you?

Jacob – In total this will be the 3rd time for me. The first time in 2020 shortly before the first lockdown hit I spent 4 weeks in India with my girlfriend. I recorded a lot of video material, which in the end you can see in the Leslie Video I produced afterward.

Aditya – Tell us more about your upcoming Ep what can we expect?

Jacob – It is an ep I was working on for a long time now. The samples and sounds are all Korean influenced. I still have to finish some final touches and then it will be released on my Label Kamai Music in the summer of this year.

I am very excited for this one to be released very soon! One thing I can already share is that the ep will be named Neko.

Aditya – What is your favourite instrument?

Jacob – Since 3 years now I am practicing to play piano. It’s very important for me. Since some time I started to sing and play at the same time and it is a very fulfilling thing to do.

It calms me down and often inspires my to write my own music.

Aditya – Who are your influences and why?

Jacob – I am recently inspired a lot by the 80’s and 90’s sounds I grew up with, it triggers childhood experiences and is a new chapter for my productions.

Aditya – What advice would you give yourself as a young artist that you have learned since you started?

Jacob – First I would have started practicing piano with the age of 7 possibly. I think it is important to check where I lead my energy. To focus on things that create positive energy.

It is important to keep the focus on yourself as an artist and to stay focused and not get distracted easily, which is sometimes challenging.

Aditya – What else are you working on this year?

Jacob – I am working on a new setup and I am very excited to show my new live performance soon! Besides my own Music I am running the Label Kamai Music which is a platform for established and as well upcoming talents where a new compilation is coming out end of june.

Aditya – What keeps you to making music? What is your motivation?

Jacob – Music is my way to express feelings emotions and it keeps me alive. I can’t think of a live without music.


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