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kardano interview

Kardano is a gifted DJ and music producer with a signature sound and style that is surely unparalleled.

Hailing from Canada, his explorations with music and music production have taken him far, honing his skills and developing a signature sound that’s ready to take over the Electronic Dance music world.

His music, that has been received with praise, got its releases through a long list of impressive labels like UFO Recordz, Play Records and Westwood X, to name a few. As well as his own imprint Boom Boom Music.

This time, Kardano talks with us about his beginnings, his musical influences and what’s coming next for him.

T.H.E – Hi Kardano, how are you?

Kardano – Good, happy ready to take on the day maybe the night if I’m DJ’ing or making music in my man cave sorry if that does not sound woke ;)

T.H.E – Can you tell us more about yourself? where are you from, what do you do?

Kardano – I’m from Vancouver B.C. My bread and butter is making money in the film business doing location sound in the sound Department, I’m a Sound Assistant as we call it in Vancouver, in different film capitals they give the title a different name. And I’m a DJ by night that saves people lives with music and enjoy giving my time away to producing music, possibly changing someone’s life one song at time if I’m that cool to someone.

T.H.E – How were you first introduced to music? How did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Kardano – I was first introduced to music from a tape of Jimi Hendrix greatest hit in my dad’s 1954 Chevy Hot Rod truck which gave me the bug to play guitar, I always wanted something to do in the entertainment industry since I used to hang out on film sets as a kid since my mom is in the Wardrobe department; lights, camera and music seem real fun as kid.

T.H.E – How and when did you start producing tracks?

Kardano – My first taste of being in a studio was watching an orchestra play a score for a Canadian TV show called ‘Da Vinci Inquest’ that my mom worked on I was very lucky to watch the magic happen since my mom was good friends with the producer, but my first recording was done with a summer band playing Jimi Hendrix covers and later on down the road, I was in a rap group with which I co-produced some of the beats, alongside the producer and the other artist I was in the group with, then later on down the road, I purchased my first computer, in 2008, and never looked backed on the endless amounts of money buying studio equipment which I don’t do as much anymore, LOL.

T.H.E – Who are your biggest musical influences?

Kardano – Jimi Hendrix is one, but people’s influence changes every day when producing music, I mean mine does, I would kind of like to say I don’t really have influences if that makes sense LOL. I look at a blank Pro Tools session which turns into midi building blocks then waveforms. My influence on making tracks are my feelings really, I guess hopefully I don’t sound indecisive, LOL.

T.H.E – How would you describe your sound?

Kardano – Chill, funky with sometimes high energy and some sexiness to top it off with a pitch of sophistication.

I feel like a music chef handing out feeling telling y’all this, at the end of the day, the audience is the judge.

T.H.E – If someone wants to listen to your music, which track should they listen to first?

Kardano – ‘When The Music Plays’ is my Favourite track, I think people should listen to that first, its groovy baby!

T.H.E – What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

Kardano – Making it on Spotify editorial playlist once a year for the pass 2 years, hopefully there will be more next year.

And just charting in Beatport, in the new release chart I know it’s not much, but you have to take the small victories and have low expectations to keep yourself happy in this business LOL.

T.H.E – Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Kardano – I’m allergic to coconut and I’m part Jamaican does that make sense? LOL, so if anyone wants to kill me on tour feed me coconuts and watch me swell up like a boxer getting in a fight.

T.H.E – What does the near future hold for Kardano?

Kardano – Not really sure, but every year gets better it’s all about getting music done and getting music signed to great labels and hopefully some great gigs down the road. Thanks for having me, sincerely your friendly Neighbourhood Kardano maybe not in the DJ booth if your ask for request :)


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