T.H.E Interview – Ken Bauer

ken bauer interview

Ken Bauer is a well-established DJ and music producer in the Electronic music scene worldwide.

His powerful releases, energetic performances and epic sound keep surprising his followers all around the world, while showcasing new talent too with his own record label Future Rave Music.

This year, Ken Bauer attended ADE and we got an exclusive interview with him

T.H.E – Hi Ken Bauer, how are you?

Ken Bauer – I am fine, thank you.

T.H.E – You attended ADE this year, can you tell us how the experience was for you?

Ken Bauer – It was awesome, I was able to meet a lot of people that I have only been in touch with online for several years and finally meeting them in person was fantastic.

T.H.E – How was the vibe of the city and the people there?

Ken Bauer – I just love everything about Amsterdam, the city, the people, everything have a great and friendly vibe.

T.H.E – What did you like the most during your stay in the city?

Ken Bauer – I attended a lot of business meetings, entering new partnerships and collaborations so I manage to get a lot of these few days.

T.H.E – Did you go to any live shows? Can you tell us which artists did you see live or meet?

Ken Bauer – I only went to one show and that was “10 years with Protocol Recordings” in the famous Escape Room club. I hanged out with Sonny Bass backstage listening/watching to great sets by Timmo Hendriks, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix & Afrojack.

T.H.E – Did you go to ADE with a specific goal in mind?

Ken Bauer – To network, meet with specific people and enjoy all the great music.

T.H.E – What was your favorite part about ADE for you?

Ken Bauer – Meeting with my friends Sonny Bass, Yantosh & MusicbyLukas

T.H.E – In which ways would you say attending ADE inspired you?

Ken Bauer – I was actually very humbled by the fact that a lot of younger and up and coming artists approached me and wanted to thank me in person for supporting them on my Radio Show and bigger Spotify Playlists. That is something I appreciated a lot and it gives me more energy to keep working.

T.H.E – In your opinion, why are events like ADE important to the Electronic Dance music world?

Ken Bauer – I think it is very important to give everyone a natural reason to meet in person outside the clubs as well. In this inter-connected world we work together in different countries so to be given a reason to meet at least once per year is just great.

T.H.E – Following ADE, what’s coming up for Ken Bauer?

Ken Bauer – A lot of big tracks is currently being stacked up for release on both my own label Future Rave Music as well as other major labels. I also have a 2nd Future Rave soundset coming out in a few weeks that I am excited to share with the world.


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