Magnetude’s Resonant Remix Of ‘Messiah’: A Journey Of Sound And Inspiration

magnetude interview

Magnetude, the pulsating drum and bass duo comprised of Rustam and James, recently unveiled their much-anticipated remix of the iconic track ‘Messiah.’

Renowned for their unique synergy and innovative sound, the duo dived deep into the intricacies of remixing a classic while maintaining its essence and soul.

Keeping the Core, Innovating the Rest

According to Rustam, the remixing process began with a meticulous study of the original. “The main thing was studying the original track, writing down every key element from the intro pads to the vocal, the cool stab section to the offbeat percussion. A remix needs to bow down to the original track… This is ‘Messiah’. Arguably the holy grail of DNB tunes.”

They strived to cater to both purists who revere the original and the younger generation craving a more intense sound. James explained their unique strategy: “When working on the intro, we wanted to add a more cinematic mood to the track… We decided to write an Ethnic inspired vibe to feature in the intro, breakdown, and outro.”

Yet, authenticity to the original was paramount. James highlighted, “The intro pads, the signature vocal, the offbeat bongos, and the stab section” were core elements they felt couldn’t be omitted. “Without the inclusion of these… it wouldn’t have sounded like a remix,” Rustam concurred.

Challenges, Feedback, and Finding the Right Direction

Both artists admit the journey wasn’t without challenges. Rustam shared, “Especially when working so long on a track, your ears become fatigued… we tend to put tunes away and work on something else.” In their quest for perfection, the duo sought feedback from fellow artists, an essential step that James believes “was essential to really inject much-needed confidence to drive us forward.”

The response from the electronic music community was overwhelmingly positive, far exceeding their expectations. Rustam admitted being pleasantly surprised, “The feedback has been mindblowing… the responses have been nothing but positive.”

Magnetude and Renegade Hardware: A Match Made in Music

Their collaboration with the esteemed label, Renegade Hardware, was more than just a professional experience. “Many people can agree that Renegade Hardware played a key-role in shaping the sound we know as Neurofunk,” said James, clearly proud of their association with such a pivotal label.

Rustam added, “When we first started Magnetude… Renegade Hardware was a label we always wanted to work with, and ‘Messiah’ was at the top of the list of tracks we wanted to remix.”

The Dynamic Duo: Synergy in Sound

The undeniable chemistry between Rustam and James is a cornerstone of Magnetude’s success. From personal anecdotes of eerily synchronized illnesses to studio moments where they mirror each other’s thoughts, their bond is palpable. “We’ve been working together for many years… there is a synergy between us where we both have a complete understanding of each other both personally and musically,” Rustam shared.

Looking Ahead

Magnetude isn’t resting on their laurels. With a release lined up almost every month until November, fans can expect a slew of new tracks. James teased, “We then kick off 2024 with ‘Still There’. On top of that, we are also wrapping up another 3-4 solo tracks as well as some collaborations.”

For those looking to remix classics, the duo’s advice is clear. Rustam emphasizes the importance of preserving core elements, while James stresses persistence and networking, adding that “Meeting the right people at the right time definitely plays a big role in getting big opportunities.”

In Magnetude’s world, evolution is the only constant. And as they pave their path forward, it’s evident that they’re bound to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of electronic music.


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