T.H.E Interview – Manda Moor

manda interview

Manda Moor is an exciting Danish/Filipino artist based in Paris who is all set for a massive 2022!

She recently announced an upcoming “The Climax” EP on Hot Creations on May 20th, and that she will also becoming a resident for the massive Ibiza party brand “Paradise” this summer too.

We caught up with her recently to find out how excited she is with it all, and what else she has planned for the rest of the year.

T.H.E – Hey Manda, how is everything for you right now in 2022?

Manda – Hello, everything is amazing so far, looking very much forward to the rest of the year and enjoying the journey.

T.H.E – You are currently based in Paris is that correct? How would you describe the Paris electronic music scene right now?

Manda – Correct I’m based in Paris. There is a part of Paris that is very connected to Chicago, with a true appreciation for the original House. There are incredible Parisian artists like Apollonia, Sirus Hood, Laurent Garnier, Gauthier DM, The Mekanism, Joss Moog, DJ W!ld, Chris Carrier, Phil Weeks…

T.H.E – You have a release “The Climax” EP coming up soon on the highly lauded Hot Creations imprint! How did that come about?

Manda – Yes it’s coming out on May 20th! It’s my dream label to release on, no words can express my excitement. I was inspired by the pure energy of Burning Man and Jamie’s set at the Kazbah. I wanted something tribal, primitive, raw grooves, something that touches the soul.

T.H.E – And you’ve also just been announced to be a Paradise Ibiza resident for this coming season! That must be super exciting to be confirmed with such a huge party brand on such a magical island. When is the first show and what do you have planned?

Manda – Absolutely buzzing to be a Paradise resident. It’s always been my favorite party and it’s still hard for me to believe that this time I will be on the other side of the booth. The first show is on June 22nd, I’m warming up the legendary Amnesia. I plan on playing my best warm up set, groovy and with good vibes, always.

T.H.E – Where would you say is the most special venue/place you have played so far in your career, and what made it stand out to you?

Manda – The Warehouse Project in Manchester is something else! I also loved to play at elrow Barcelona, and in Americana Brazil for Glove Sessions.

T.H.E – And do you have any club/festivals that are high on your bucket list that you would love to play in the foreseeable future?

Manda – Oh yes, DC10, Space Miami, Sunwaves Festival, Warung, Music On Festival, Hi Ibiza… Will announce something soon regarding Hi !

T.H.E – Tell us some more about your MOOD EDITS label, you started it during the pandemic is that right? Where did the idea come from?

Manda – Sirus Hood and I created MOOD EDITS when the pandemic started. We were inspired by how House Music began: with Disco Edits. We called it “MOOD” because it’s the contraction of “Hood” and “Moor” and we made edits for different moods. We wanted to do something we’ve never done before, putting out some music on Bandcamp and making it limited. Today music is consumed so fast due to streaming and easy access, so we wanted to give value to music by making it limited in time, as people enjoy much more a track if they know it’s scarce. We recomposed RnB, Disco, HipHop songs with our vibe. You can listen to MOOD EDITS anywhere, at home, in the car, or with a huge sound system.

T.H.E – What does a regular day consist of for you right now?

Manda – I wake up (usually late), have a Matcha drink, count my blessings, meditate, listen to the project I’m working on and touch it up while my brain is still fresh. Later I work out, then I deal with my music career duties. Generally speaking I’m a night owl and I like to stay up late. I feel that creativity flows more when the sun goes down.

T.H.E – Any other exciting plans you’d like to tell us about you have for the rest of 2022?

Manda – Sirus Hood and I are creating a new label, I’m releasing an EP on Rawthentic with Trangaz, more music coming, and I have exciting shows and tours coming up.


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